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body, health and fitness, beauty and parts modeling photos

A girl recently reachout on Facebook and asked me, "Hi Isobella, I have never modeled, but I am a dancer and was thinking about possibly fitness modeling? Do you have any information on fitness modeling any tips would be helpful because I am so lost!  Thank you!

My reply might help your own pursuits.

Hi ___,

Well, with a dancers body it would be good to pursue work that allows you to use what you naturally have ...knowing how to make your body look beautiful and having great movement are assets of a model.

Fitness is one area but not the end-all either with a dancer body. Keep in mind there is much to pursue within the area of health and beauty as well.

Just like creatinig commercial print modeling photos and a compcard for print modeling, for fitness and body shots you will be creating photos that are based around fitness, health and beauty.

Remember fitness modeling isn't just for the wicked buff, using your body to model can also fall into parts modeling work and modeling with companies within the health and beauty sector too.

The fitness industry is huge! Spend a day at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section and you will see this! There are even magazines now for pregnant women on staying fit during pregnancy, there are thousands of fitness and health related brands out there for retail alone, as a whole the fitness and health spectrum is massive, and there are tons of products based on the fitness and health and diet culture...which need models!

So when you are preparing photos I would search editorials you see in health and fitness magazines, I would study print ads for gyms and fitness and health related products.  You don't have to be running or sweating on a treadmill or doing crunches in the shot, and infact a shot of you "just before" you would have done these activities can be better. A more natural shot of you in fitness apparel, on the way to jog, stretching or just jogging a little is fine. Pretend you are really about to workout, do yoga.. for the shot to stay natural.

The camera could pick up your movement of running, but also get some basic shots of you walking or simply just being yourself before a nice run.

For health and beauty body shots think of editorials for skincare and editorials and ads that involve legs, stomach, back and a nice skintone.

For beauty get close-ups done as well. Close-ups for editorials involving eyes, lips, neck, a side profile.

Here are some sample shots to inspire you when it comes to body shots, but go and research in some magazines and study ads for fitness and health and beauty as well that involves the body. You might want to also produce shots that have an editorial look or a pharmaceutical appeal, keep it commercial print friendly = looks like it is an editorial or has an ad campaign appeal. If the shot looks like it could have been an ad for something or an editorial for something, you're in the right direction. Models are hired to model products and be involved with a brands marketing projects so always keep in mind that the shots need to be pretty but also have a commercial print friendly-like vibe.

To-Do:  Go to the bookstore or magazine store and flip through these to get inspired:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion Week 2011: Show me your short and stylish petite runway look.

Hey Girls,

F height requirements to rock it! Celebrate your size and individual style every day. Show me your short and stylish petite runway look. Take it outside, in your livingroom, on your own petite runway! I'll post it on my blog during Fashion Week. Email Jpegs to (previous submissions will be considered)  Go itty bitty go! Let's hear it for the pint-size! Bring it and your short stuff! Just because you might not be rockin a runway during Fashion Week doesn't mean you can't model or find opportunities. I love fashion but I know as a shorter girl the fashion world doesn't support the shorter chicks often, but fashion and being a tall giraffe isn't everything, so don't limit yourself by dwelling on the doors that are shut, focus on opening your own door! :)

Here, we celebrate all sizes!

Click here to check out Model Life mobile and my other books.


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Modeling Dictionary: Do you know what non-exclusive means?

A Fashion Model works exclusively with one agency for a 2-3 year contract. Working with one agency only at a time. Fashion agencies work with less models and therefore give their attention and their focus to a select amount of models.

A Short Model aka a Print Model typically will freelance with a few commercial print modeling agencies or talent agencies. Many print modeling agencies do not work exclusive with their models, they work with many, many models from 30-100s.  Working non-exclusive means you are working with that agency but your relationship is not where you can't get work anywhere else. You are free to book work elsewhere as a model. With other agencies and also if you book a job through your own self-promotion.

Exclusive implies that your modeling business: your bookings, castings, modeling related work, only happens with that one agency, from that one agency. The contract could be broken down to certain cities perhaps, but exclusive means you can not have contact with other agencies while working with the agency and that you are exclusive with them and signed an exclusive modeling contract with them, usually for a certain amount of time.

Exclusive implies the agency would invest in the models beyond sending them on castings, such as: housing them, buying portfolios, paying for their photography, and other upfront expenses. This cost can come out of the fashion models paychecks when they are booked for a modeling job.

Ex. if the fashion model books a job in a magazine the agency might order the magazine for her but will deduct this cost from the models check...vs a print model who typically will go to the magazine store and buy the magazine herself, out of's not taken out of her check but she still has to buy it to get a copy usually.

It's just a different lifestyle. Print models are more do-it-yourself.

In print modeling the model typically will pay for her own comp cards, marketing materials, portfolio, printing costs. The agencies they work with will use the comp card the model makes. The print modeling agency may suggest certain images be used for the comp card and help the model with deciding on images. Print models that work with mainly one agency or have built a good relationship with booking work with the agency for some time sometimes do make comp cards with the agencies logo that they work with on it, but this isn't usually expected.

In my opinion, from my experience print modeling in NYC, I think it's a good thing to work non-exclusive when you are starting out modeling, we live in a self-starter go-getter world and waiting for the phone to ring isn't my style, it is hard to rely on one print modeling agency to perhaps book you all the work you want to book.

So remember exclusive representation isn't the end all because in print modeling it is typical to work for years with many agencies all at once non-exclusively.

When the shorter models portfolio and experience is established sometimes she might be able to get representation with a more prestige print modeling agency on an exclusive basis or may end up working more closely with one or two agencies in her area, but being non-exclusive doesn't mean you are any worse off.

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Behind the scenes of modeling castings: take it upon yourself to be not an airhead model

Hey Girls,

Some thing they don't tell you about working as a model is that you really are your own manager ( even when you work with agencies), and when it comes to castings it can involve going with your gut, being perceptive and prepared, remember often modeling castings involve walking into a room full of strangers (editors, marketing professionals) to present yourself professionally.

So here is some insight from the behind the scenes of modeling castings and how to take it upon yourself to be not an airhead model.

Sometimes your agency gives you all the details of the casting, the who, the what, the when, when the shoot date is, the rate, the usage, the whole deal....but sometimes they don't fill you in with all the details.

Not that I like it, but simply the agency might not know, the client hasn't told them, but make sure you always ask the agency if possible before the casting the details, know what you are walking into, confirm the location of the casting (I have been emailed at the last minute with a different location from my agency or a typo), always research the brand the casting is for, the photographer, casting studio if possible before the casting.

(And if you are booked for the job make sure you know about about the usage of the images, the rate, confirm the time and day of the shoot.

Casting are often last minute and being available is often how you book work as a model, and you have that day to prepare or a day or so. 

But try not to walk into the casting acting like an airhead. So many times I have been at castings or go-sees and the other models there have no idea what the casting is for, it's like they are  just showing up and have no clue to what they are showing up for???

I don't know until I show up at the casting what the casting will involve, how long it will take can depend on how many girls have shown up or how many that are being could be you and just a few others or you and many others. Sometimes it could be fast 5 minutes or 30 mins or more of waiting.

If the casting is somewhere I am not familar with, example: Long Island City. I had a casting there for leg modeling and ended up in some warehouse area, I called my agency making sure this was the right place, and it was the right spot, it was the right studio, and I did book the job and it did pay well. But I was nervous for a minute there in the street beforehand like: Where the F am I? And you do always have to be careful, let people know where you are going, boyfriend, husband, family, friends and call your agency right away if it seems weird.

Always-if it isn't clear ASK!

And also there is the basic know-how of being a model and understanding what certain castings involve.
Ex: if the casting is for shoes...make sure your pedicure is fresh. Overtime it becomes common sense.
However, if the details of what to wear, how to do your make up, what to bring are not clear, ask!

I hope this is helpful.

In my book Short Stuff I included modeling tips for short chicks, which I think you'll like as well. :)


this itty bitty is off prancing around the city

On the mobile edition of Model Life you can click and zoom and it's so awesome.

Hey Girls......this itty bitty is off prancing around the city :) off buying organizational items and excited to start my little boutique library soon in my new place, btw if you haven't downloaded the iVerse app on your iPhone or iPad, hook it up! Download the iVerse app and get a free excerpt of Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior, my graphic novel. On the iVerse app search Model Life or Gamine Press. Rock on and let me know what you think!

I'll be back with more posts soon answering some reader questions about modeling!


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From Isobella Jade, I hope you rode out Hurricane Irene okay

Hey Girls,

Despite if you escaped hurricane Irene, I hope that no matter where you were that you are okay. I moved Friday from Battery Park to Midtown East Friday and have spent the weekend unpacking, and waiting on Irene. To be safe, we put tape up on our windows incase the wind flung BBQ pits from other near by balconies. Although we were spared from the major floods here in my new area of the city, NYC wasn't totally spared.  Areas def got a hit, and Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn got a smack from Irene! 

And the NYPOST is right, it does look like a ghost town here in Manhattan. Waiting to hear about the trains/transit.

I hope you and your families, friends and homes are okay,


Some stories and pics on the flooding in NYC area:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Model Life is on the iVerse Comics + app! Free excerpt of awesomeness!

Here we go now! We are rolling! hallelujah!!

Go check it out! My graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior is on the iVerse app and it looks great! So download their Comics + app and check out a free excerpt of Model Life, YAY!  Cheers to Jazmin Ruotolo and her illustrations, which rock!

It's awesome!!

Search Gamine Press or Model Life on the iVerse Comics + app and enjoy a free excerpt of MODEL LIFE too!

I hope your enjoy reading the mobile edition, it is super fun!


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Photography highlight: The camera that photographed the earth 45 years ago

The Lunar Orbiter's onboard camera contained dual lenses that took photos simultaneously. One lens took wide-angle images of the moon at medium resolution. A second telephoto lens took high-resolution images in greater detail.CREDIT: George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film

A little awesome history lesson!

Late at night when I can't sleep, like at 2 a.m I admire the moon if it's out and I can see it, or I read in bed on my iPhone. This is a cool article from I read last night, on the first photographs of the earth from space, taken 45 years ago.  What I like about this article is that it touches upon the camera used to photograph the earth and it's really awesome to think about how these images gave us the real perspective of our amazing planet.

"You're looking at your home from this really foreign kind of desolate landscape," said Jay Friedlander, who started his NASA career 20 years ago as a photographic technician working on images including those from the Lunar Orbiter at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. "It's the first time you're actually looking at Earth as a different kind of place," said Friedlander, currently a multimedia specialist at Goddard."

Try to put on your to-do list to visit the International museum of photography and film.
900 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

Enjoy the article on early space photography,


Beauty buzz, NASA and authors, teen read week and awesome furniture deals too

Hey Girls,

In the mist of packing for our move Friday to a new place, I wanted to share with you some things that caught my eye among beauty, books and furniture and teen reading.

Can't wait for your beauty products? Need them right now? Got $15 bucks? Well, for must-have mascaras and skin care staples, Sephora shoppers in Manhattan can now shop "store to door" with a new service. Order Sephora products online or by phone and the store will deliver them in a stylish Mini Cooper that day. Via and

A few very lucky Tor/Forge authors will get to visit NASA as part of the publishers new “NASA inspired Works of Fiction” partnership with the space agency. Via Galleycat.

I'm on the hunt for a bookshelf and just signed up for Great discounts on home decor, furniture!

October 16 - 22 is Teen Read Week a time when libraries worldwide offer a variety of special events and programs aimed at encouraging teens to read for pleasure:


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Tomorrow Part 2 of my self-publishing and self-promotion tips podcast!

Hey Girls,  Remember Almost 5'4" is $3.99 as an ebook!

Tomorrow, Wed, Aug 24, 2011 4:00 PM EST I am sharing more self-publishing and self-promotion tips for pitching the press and how the little guy (or girl) can get ahead!

The segment will is planned to be 30 minutes or under.

Here is the link to listen to this segment, it is also on iTunes. Also on you can find my books Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff in the iBookstore too as ebooks! ~Isobella

The scoop of the segment:
Petite model, author and self-promotion expert Isobella Jade shares Part 2 of her daily PR tricks for self-promotion and pitching the press, how to use social media and Google to be discovered by the media and how to stay inspired along the journey of being your own publicist. Jade has built her own PR platform from scratch and through her own self-promotion Jade and her books have been featured in The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Publishers Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, Mac World, Mac Life, Ad Age, WSJ, Media Bistro, Sirius XM Radio, Glamour, Marie Claire UK, and many others. Jade is the author of Almost 5'4", which she wrote at the Apple store originally, a graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior (which is also a mobile comic through iVerse), Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, which features stories from her real modeling adventures and modeling tips for short chicks. She blogs at daily. This is segment 2 of an ongoing podcast series on self-promotion and self-publishing tips by Isobella Jade.
Listen to all segments here:
Read excerpts of Almost 5'4", Short Stuff and Model Life here:

Illustration from the graphic novel Model Life.

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Fashion and other buzz that caught my eye :)

Hey Girls,

H&M is opening is Houston, TX, at last! I have family there and happy H&M will be coming to town.

I am so sick of over-done platform shoes, high killer chunky ass platforms actually aren't my thing, I don't like it super-duper clunky! Here is an article on Manolo Blahnik's upcoming refined shoes that will only enhance the abundant lady-chic for FALL 2011, for me, lady like, that's like every day though:

Meet the model students — the hard-working women wearing the best of fall’s back-to-school-inspired looks in the photographer Angelo Pennetta’s portfolio “Beautiful Minds.” Via

Vicky Tiel’s 40-Year Career in Fashion.The designer Vicky Tiel, who is 67 and barely 5-foot-2 has a new memoir, “It’s All About the Dress: What I Learned in 40 Years About Men, Women, Sex, and Fashion,” recently published by St. Martin’s Press, Via

Reading inspires me and keeping my own energy going, I love to escape, learn and discover through reading biographies and memories, check these ones out.

Check out these pretty and sexy plus size dresses from UniqueVintage.

I'm into the color Plum, and plum/ aka Amethyst drop earrings I saw on are a fun accessory for fall. Also these stackable bold rings are really pretty to wear anytime with many outfits.

dELiA*s has a shoppable app, check it out here.

Submit to win a TeenVogue photoshoot:

This fall I'm going to try to see My Week With Marilyn, Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams channels the original bottle blond with surprisingly few flirtatious winks, via

Also this TV show is casting:


An award-winning television production company is searching for dynamic individuals & groups of friends - who all graduated from the same prep school/high school - to be featured in an exciting new real-life television show for a major cable television network. We are especially interested in hearing from individuals who have maintained close relationships with their high school peers - whether you are friends, enemies, or frenemies. If issues from high school still play out in your life and the lives of your friends even though you’re “grown-ups”now, or if you feel like you’re ready to show your fellow alums who you really are, then we want to hear from you!

More details are here.

Cheers! Enjoy the last days of summer and I don't know about you but I am so excited to wear my new booties. I'll have some pics up soon.


P.s: My interview on Little Book of Fashion.

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It's here! My graphic novel Model Life has entered the Mobile space!

MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior!

Hey Guess what!   Holy moly!

I am so excited to share with you that my graphic novel MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior has entered the mobile space!! I hooked up with iVerse and it looks so awesome!

MODEL LIFE is based on my real modeling adventures in NYC and is illustrated by Jazmin Ruotolo.
The electronic edition is published by my small publishing company Gamine Press over at iVerse comics and after downloading their Comics + app, you can then download Model Life, just scroll down the new releases and you'll see it! Signing up for Comics + is free and you can get access to all their awesome graphic novels and comics.

In the store just search iVerse comics. Download it and you're in!

Look for Gamine Press in new releases to find Model Life.
Model Life #1 
Model Life #2
Model Life #3
Model Life #4

I know you will love the awesome layout for the mobile edition!


If you hold the iPhone in the standard way the full page appears but if you turn the phone sideways, and read Model Life panel by panel, which is really cool and fun!

Turn your device for a more detailed look of Model Life!

Download the Comics + app to get a free excerpt of Model Life.
Also Model Life is available in print on and Amazon and through my website

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Had a great beauty and health photo shoot and tune in at 4 pm for my podcast on self-promotion and publishing

Hey Girls,

Had a great beauty and health photo shoot today for my portfolio, I'll share more details about the shoot later in another post, lots of variety for health and beauty shots will share some favs w you soon :)

Also tune in at 4 PM EST today for my podcast on self-promotion and self-publishing tips:


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Model of the Week is Asia Mone't!


This week, Model of the Week is Asia Mone’t (, the native New Yorker, famed plus model and new face of the Full Fit Collection for renowned lingerie clothier, Le Mystere (

Debuting as the first full- figured model (and first model with a G-cup) used in Le Mystere’s advertising history.  Asia Mone’t has graced the pages of high profile publications including Glamour, Essence, Plus Model and Gemini magazines. She has also been featured on the TODAY Show, Extra, Carson Kressley’s How to Look Good Naked and on BET’s Rip the Runway.

Asia shared about being in the Le Mystere campaign, “I hope my appearance in this campaign will inspire women of all shapes and sizes to be proud and confident in their own beauty.”

You look beautiful and congratulations!

You can check out the latest with Asia's ventures on her website and facebook.

Rock on girl!

Coming up new podcast! Self-publishing and self-promotion: pitching the press

Hey Girls,

Tomorrow I'm hosting a segment on Self-Publishing and Self-Promotion on my podcast, tune in here for tips on how to be your own publicist and ways to build a PR platform from scratch:

When: 8/17/11
Time: 4 PM EST.

This segment is the first of a series of self-promotion segments.
This segment is based on pitching the press.

See you there!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Preparing for a photo shoot on Weds for beauty and health shots for my portfolio

Hey Girls,

The time has come, it's time to get some new beauty and health shots. When I say health, I am talking about body shots with a health and beauty appeal. Pretty shots that focus on a certain part, legs, hands, backside, and shots that look like something you'd see in a health or beauty editorial in a magazine or product campaign.

I am shooting with a photographer friend I have known for many years and to prepare for the shoot here are some of things I do in the days before:

Moisturize the whole body. I do this always anyways. Don't forget your elbows and the back of your heels, the bottom of your feet, your neck, and even your bikini line. I also moistuize my arm pits sometimes. Seriously. I don't use any shimmer or crap on my skin, I want my natural glow to come forth and drinking a nice amount of water and staying hydrated also helps the skin.

Bangs trim. My hair is pretty long and I love the length and I'll get my bangs trimmed up before the shoot.

Nails.  Manicure, pedicure. Fresh!  Day before. Will probably do a natural clear or Essie's ballet slipper.

I think it is best to research shots before you get in front of the camera, discuss the shots with the photographer you are working with, make sure you are on the same page.

Height isn't everything when you focus on your other assets, aim high and strive! ~Isobella

This weekend found my hands in the Macy's commercial job I did.

(A collection of hand modeling shots from Bon Appetit magazine)

Hey Girls,

Modeling isn't just about being a tall lanky giraffe, and to get opportunities it can mean noticing your assets and putting them to use. I've worked as a hand model many times over the years and this weekend, among writing, cooking, cleaning, I found my hands in the Macy's job I did. I froze the commercial and made these stills.

May this be inspiration for a couple things.
1. There is not one definition for what a model is.
2. A model has to hunt down her work.

That's my hand! Handing off hats, an a purse, and a gravy bowl. As a body parts model, I know my hand by heart, and it's a good idea I do, and it's a part of this model life. The size of my nails and fingers, and also when I am on the job I always keep in mind of what my hands are doing, what the shot involves, so I can remember when I am hunting for my work later ~Isobella

P.s: Check out my books Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, on or (also the bok is an ebook too!)  In Short Stuff, I go behind the scenes of some of my modeling jobs and also share tips for short chicks as well :) Also be sure to download the Comics+ app in the app store for your iPhone or iPad, because my graphic novel Model Life is going to be an app soon! And until September 3rd you can get Almost 5'4" as an ebook in the US for $3.99! whoo hoo!

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More ads should feature more sizes like the print ad...maybe we'll see more brands push their all sizes appeal?

Have you seen ad for all sizes? The site launches this fall and you can shape via your shape. It is cool but the range of sizes is not diverse enough in my opinion from what I see on their site so far. I hope they push the petite (5'4" and under) sizes too. Also, in the ad are they implying a modern woman means petite? She looks kinda tall in the ad.  Hmmm, not really clear. However, it always catches my eye to see more brands pushing all sizes, or showing off that all shapes are beautiful. I saw this ad in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine.


P.s: You can get the ebook of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" for $3.99 until my birthday September 3rd!
Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model is also an ebook on Amazon, and at the iBookstore!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just a girl and her ebook on a Friday afternoon (video)

Or watch here.

Favorite Little Thing: I ordered these cute Payless cuff boots yesterday!

Hey Girls,

I ordered these at yesterday! Will be rocking them this fall. Buy one get one half off everything.

Even though Payless's CEO resigned, I hope they don't change their improved look in recent years.

For me is all about the style...and if I can wear it for more than one year, awesome!
Women's Skye Buckle Strap Cuff Boot

Twitter: @PaylessInsider


Thursday, August 11, 2011

iPhone and me roaming through Little Italy today and downtown

After casting was roaming through Little Italy, went to Caffe Roma for an espresso.

Saw this on Spring and Elizabeth Street.
Thirsty? Free drinking fountains. Across from City Hall.