Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Petite of the Week is Scarlett Angelina!

This week the Petite Model of the Week is Scarlett Angelina!

(Photography by Ron Warner http://www.dripbook.com/RonWarner/style/photography/ ,makeup by Loretta Tong: www.facebook.com/beautybyl​oretta )

Scarlett is a model on a mission.
 She has beautiful facial features which are brought out in these close ups above, and also I like the expression she is showing on the image on the right. 

Being 5'5" she is considered shorter than most models but she's the type of model that doesn't let her height get to her, and in these images below you don't even think about what inches she might lack because our eyes are focused on her other assets and she works them so well. In the first one, I like her relaxed expression and the sun kissed pose, we see her pretty neck which gives her length, and with her hair pushed back out of the face our eyes follow where the sun is softly glowing on it.

In the second image it's as if her eyes are waiting on someone or something while looking off into the distance, and the shoes become a part of the story, like a shoe ad could be. The space between her arms and body in these images also creates length. These both give off a beautiful and strong editorial or fashion accessories ad campaign vibe.

(Photography by Anthony Winters http://www.awintersfoto.com/_

Along with the two close-ups above this photo also brings out Scarlett's pretty eyes and skin. Her expression is calm and present like a beauty shot should be.

(Photography by Hyunho Kim http://hyunhokim.com/)

This is what Scarlett shared with me recently about her pursuits and experience as a model in NY:
"Modeling for me isn't about being petite. Even though there will be times that I don't get the job because of my tiny stature, I always remind myself of why I do what I do. My determination, drive, hustler mentality, and passion to be a model will forever be my motivation. Being 5'4 will never stop me from pursuing my passion and living my dream. I am determined....I WILL be one of the few people in this world that can say I took the risk, chased the dream, and ultimately do what I love for a living. This business isn't easy and you have to fight to make it. Even though it is uncertain when my next job will be or when my next tearsheet will happen - no matter how many rounds I get knocked down - I will never give up. Modeling is my life. And that's what will make me succeed amongst the other girls that call this a hobby."

Scarlett, thanks for sharing these photos with us and insight into what you have experienced so far and your determined spirit. Keep striving onward girl!

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Girls remember, when we focus on our assets and give ourselves a chance, when we set goals and do the work to attain to them, we see our potential come to life!


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