Monday, July 18, 2011

Petite of the Week is Aiko Christine!


Petite of the Week is Aiko Christine from Seattle, Washington.

This is what Aiko Christine shared with me recently about striving as a petite model: "I think the biggest struggle with petite modeling is height discrimination, I think the best way to get over the hump is to hold onto what you know you love about yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Another piece of advice is to network network network, the wider a net you cast the more chances you have of getting leads and jobs!"

Aiko's recent accomplishments include signing with Prestigious Models, modeling for Nora Catherine Jewelry, Deanna Dibene Hats and Hair Accessories, Fossati US Handbags, Donaldson Jewelers, Bella Petite Magazine Cover Girl, Glam Modelz Magazine Cover, Kaboom Magazine Feature.

Facebook: Aikochristine
Twitter: @aikochristne

Aim high no matter your height!

If you would like to be Petite of the Week, submit to me your photos and your latest pursuits in modeling and your thoughts on striving as a petite model to

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