Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have you seen this Lane Bryant commercial?

I think the commercial is shot beautifully, and Ashley Graham looks stunning.

With lingerie in mind, a girl recently asked me about lingerie modeling in the print modeling world, here is some insight on producing the right lingerie photos for the print modeling side:

When striving as a model within print modeling if you want to do lingerie or body related modeling consider that the intimate world consists of ALL types of lingerie, not just lace, not just thongs. Sure, get that shot of you in a pretty lace bra, etc...but also produce photos that showcase a diverse display of yourself modeling all types of lingerie. Remember that commercial print modeling can be a bit conservative and you don't want to not get the job because you are actually revealing too much within your shots. Study ads and catalog shots for lingerie of all types, not just Victoria's Secret and Frederick's but also Hanes and Maidenform, and notice the whole spectrum of the intimates world.

Using your body to model isn't limited to teasing the camera and the glamour side, that is a small world and actually can be limiting, so don't limit yourself.

Actually, I think fitness magazines and editorials found in Cosmo, Allure, Glamour and Marie Claire that involve swimwear and intimates are great to use as examples and inspiration for your shots as well. And throw in there a smile, bring some personality to your shots, print modeling loves smiles and energy.

Coming up is CURVE NY Expo, July 31st, August 1,2 2011,, a tradeshow for lingerie and swimwear for all sizes. Who knows, maybe one year you will be a model at the tradeshow or involved with a lingerie brand that showcases there.

First you have to prepare for your success, know yourself and assets, make sure you have your marketable photos and become a good model-marketer, always be ambitious to chase what you want!


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