Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting started as a shorter model involves...

Hey Girls,

I am apartment hunting today, but I wanted to share with you some basics on getting started as a model since a girl recently asked me about starting off in modeling and what it involves.

Whether you live in a small town or bigger city starting off is all the same. Pursuing modeling when you are not fashion height means really understanding where your opportunities can be found and for girls under 5'8" it is within print modeling. So starting off is about researching.

You're preparing to enter an industry, and you want to know as much as possible about it ahead of time.

If you don't know what print modeling is, you should read this post on what it is about. If you don't know the photos you need, you should read these two post on basic modeling photos for short chicks and commercial print photos as well.

Make sure you can handle rejection. You've got to already have confidence, already know your assets before you get in front of the camera (what makes you a good model?) Despite height what else do you have that is marketable?) and have a photo plan for your comp card and portfolio shots. Shooting just to shoot, shooting without a plan doesn't usually bring quality and professional photos which will help you.  Print modeling agencies love to see personality, energy and friendly faces. And your shots should look natural but professional. Always make sure your photographer knows what print modeling is and spend time finding the right photographer that understands your goals as a model.

Research print modeling agencies in your area or talent agencies, many agencies will mention their submission requirements but keep in mind most print modeling agencies do not craft your careers and do not invest in you like fashion agencies invest in their models

editorial from Luna magazine, wearing TOCCA coat in front of Apple store.
As a shorter model you are always self-investing, being your own manager and really leading your own goals, the agency is a great thing to have and work with but working non-exclusive when you are starting out is what I suggest and what most print modeling agencies will be about. Shorter girls, aka print models, don't typically get signed exclusive with an agency and here is why that is okay.
(an illustration by that awesome Jazmin Ruotolo from my graphic novel MODEL LIFE)

Mainly, you could break getting started in modeling to two things:

1. Your own will to try and to be a self-striver. Modeling is a tough pursuit no matter your height and for a shorter girl it involves a go-getter persona, a marketing mindset, positive attitude, and ambition to overcome the tough days during your goal setting and striving.

2.  Professionalism. From managing your photography and photos for your comp card and portfolio to being a professional and easy to work with model on the job, professionalism is key.

Having what it takes doesn't come down to one thing, and no one can tell you what that one thing is, having what it takes comes down to your own belief, your own will to try and desire to pursue something that may be the biggest challenge you have encountered yet,

I support the underdogs 4 life!


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