Monday, July 25, 2011

Earlier today at Better TV for a style segment, airs August 1st!

(At Better TV today, wearing cute Bradley Bayou blouse, fits great for a petite!)

Hey Girls,

This pic is from earlier today in dressing room at the Better TV studio for a style segment, with Bradley Bayou and the fashionable hosts Audra and Rhiannon, it will air August 1st nationwide, check it out ladies!

I was the petite chick looking long and lean rocking short shorts and a pretty blouse by Bradley Bayou, actually.

If you haven't read Bradley Bayou's book The Science of Sexy, you gotta do that! Listen my interview with Bradley Bayou on his journey and style tips for all sizes here on my podcast.

Watch the style segment on Better TV on August 1st or here at:


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