Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Apple store's biggest freeloader still loves the's just a different relationship now

Hey Girls,

I stopped by the Apple store today on Prince Street, I don't use the store every day anymore, I am not as desperate for a computer anymore, my relationship with the store has changed, but I do stop by once in a while and hog a computer for an hour or so. I still do love the vibe of the store, the pace is inspiring, it's fresh and airy which balances the movement of the store visitors, the sounds of Apple guru's talking at fast speeds about the computers and the programs and why Apple rocks

I still can get work done while being here at the store, and I am reminded why I felt so comfortable here.  I have been at the store for the past hour, and maybe it's cause I am a girl, maybe cause I am in shorts, and maybe because I am in heels, but I haven't been kicked off my computer yet.

Working on notes for my screenplay on a MacBook Pro. Real nice!


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