Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wicked awesome cool stuff: From Wedding Library cards to Roller Rinks to Yooxygen

Hey Girls,

Anyone yuo know getting married? These are cool and different. You can remind your wedding guests to support libraries with a set of save the date cards printed on library cards.

I am going to try this out this summer: Rollerskating rink under the High Line (NYC).

I like these Vivienne Westwood bags a lot from the Yooxygen collection on is the scoop: The Ethical Fashion Africa Project is back on with a limited edition selection of new styles and exclusive designs. Fashion pioneer Vivienne Westwood is teaming up with YOOXYGEN and the International Trade Centre to spread an innovative message that is all about giving women the power to make a difference for themselves by teaching them precious skills. The ultimate celebration of style and ethics with the outstanding participation of photography legend Juergen Teller.)

Read more on the Ethical Fashion project here.

Check out this hot Vivienne Westwood bag here.

Check out the awesome Vivienne Westwood tote bag here.

Aim high and strive, be passionate and compassionate,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keep your eyes peeled! Short Stuff is becoming an ebook!

Hey Girls,

I'm going going digital!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model is becoming an eBook!

Look for "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model" early to mid-week next week on Amazon and in the iBook store, and for Barnes & Noble's Nook in about 1-2 weeks and for Sony devices around 2-4 weeks! Whoo hoo! It's awesome to read ebooks on the subway, in line waiting to check out at the shoe store, waiting for your food while ordering lunch from a street vendor or food truck, at the park, at the airport, before bed, in the stall, any where!


P.s:  Almost 5'4" is also an ebook and I hope you enjoy it as well!
Read an excerpt of  Short Stuff and Almost 5'4" here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Scars: we all have scars

Hey Girls,  Here I am showing off my eyebrow scar. Coming up is my knee scar! ~Isobella

BUZZ: Model, fashion and beauty news that caught my eye

Hey Happy Tuesday! Whoops I mean Wednesday, these summer days are flying by!

Here is some recent model, fashion and beauty news that caught my eye.

SAGZ Jeans is looking for male models:

Ricky's is offering 15% off all suncare and sunscreen items online and instore, click here for coupon or use code 15SUNNY at 

TLC's newest three-part series, BIG SEXY premieres on Tuesday, August 30 at 10 PM ET/PT. The series features five fabulous and confident plus-size women as they pursue fashion, beauty and modeling careers in the Big Apple. The ladies (Leslie, Tiffany, Audrey, Nikki and Heather) are experts when it comes to plus-size fashion/beauty and speak candidly about their experience in these image-conscious industries. via

With Every Facebook "Like" Reco Jeans Donates to Charity. Reco jeans and Love + Water Designs has partnered up to promote Love + Water Designs May featured charity, ROOTZ RISING tee shirt. We will be launching this promotion starting July 1st 2011 and will run until July 31st, 2011. The promotion will run on reco jeans website ( ) for the duration of the campaign. With every purchase of a ROOTZ Rising tee, reco jeans will donate $5 in your name to ROOTZ Rising, which aims to eliminate malnutrition in Africa. In addition to the donations, reco jeans will contribute an additional 10 cents to ANYONE who "Likes" our Facebook Fan page ( between July 1st and 31st. We look forward in having you be apart of this amazing charity and their amazing efforts as we ask you, our fans a readers to pay it forward and do something amazing!

EXPRESS Breaks the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Title for Most People Modeling on a Catwalk. EXPRESS took over Times Square in New York City on Saturday, July 23, 2011, by opening the catwalk to the public prior to a live runway show featuring the new Holiday 2011 Collection. EXPRESS invited fashion aficionados and brand fans to walk the runway and broke the previous record of 521 participants with an astounding 1,243 people walking the runway.

Atlanta, GA: Join Dream Kids in conjunction with Macy's for "Runway Red", Sunday, August 14th at the Fernbank Museum. Special thanks to Dream Kids, Macys, GH nail bar, Lamik Beauty, One Stop Productions, Disney Radio and more. For more informatiopn visit:

More buzz:

Only healthy-looking models at Melbourne's Spring Fashion Week.

A look at Japan's Uniqlo out to conquer the world, one fashion capital at a time.

All sizes covered: Mia Freeman of the Sydney Morning Herald shares, "The number of plus-size models in the modelling world is inversely proportional to the number of size-10-plus women in the real world. Somehow, the fashion industry has recalibrated "average" to mean "tall and extremely slim", evidenced by the fact that the sample-size garments supplied to magazines for photo shoots are a "standard" size 6 to 8. Never bigger. No wonder plus-size models (that's size 10 plus) are forced to wander around fashion shoots naked or in their underwear."


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Petite of the Week is Scarlett Angelina!

This week the Petite Model of the Week is Scarlett Angelina!

(Photography by Ron Warner ,makeup by Loretta Tong:​oretta )

Scarlett is a model on a mission.
 She has beautiful facial features which are brought out in these close ups above, and also I like the expression she is showing on the image on the right. 

Being 5'5" she is considered shorter than most models but she's the type of model that doesn't let her height get to her, and in these images below you don't even think about what inches she might lack because our eyes are focused on her other assets and she works them so well. In the first one, I like her relaxed expression and the sun kissed pose, we see her pretty neck which gives her length, and with her hair pushed back out of the face our eyes follow where the sun is softly glowing on it.

In the second image it's as if her eyes are waiting on someone or something while looking off into the distance, and the shoes become a part of the story, like a shoe ad could be. The space between her arms and body in these images also creates length. These both give off a beautiful and strong editorial or fashion accessories ad campaign vibe.

(Photography by Anthony Winters

Along with the two close-ups above this photo also brings out Scarlett's pretty eyes and skin. Her expression is calm and present like a beauty shot should be.

(Photography by Hyunho Kim

This is what Scarlett shared with me recently about her pursuits and experience as a model in NY:
"Modeling for me isn't about being petite. Even though there will be times that I don't get the job because of my tiny stature, I always remind myself of why I do what I do. My determination, drive, hustler mentality, and passion to be a model will forever be my motivation. Being 5'4 will never stop me from pursuing my passion and living my dream. I am determined....I WILL be one of the few people in this world that can say I took the risk, chased the dream, and ultimately do what I love for a living. This business isn't easy and you have to fight to make it. Even though it is uncertain when my next job will be or when my next tearsheet will happen - no matter how many rounds I get knocked down - I will never give up. Modeling is my life. And that's what will make me succeed amongst the other girls that call this a hobby."

Scarlett, thanks for sharing these photos with us and insight into what you have experienced so far and your determined spirit. Keep striving onward girl!

Find Scarlett Angelina on Facebook
Find Scarlett Angelina on Twitter

Girls remember, when we focus on our assets and give ourselves a chance, when we set goals and do the work to attain to them, we see our potential come to life!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Isobella Jade Quote: make sure each day you are a fan of you!

Working on my writing this evening, starting up my engine, riding my spark! (Grab a flashlight and) follow yourself even on the dark days, get in touch with the things that mean the most to you, treasure what makes your heart race with happiness and interest, strive to feel fulfilled and make sure each day you are a fan of you! ~Isobella Jade

I'm becoming a belt chick: wearing Michael Kors belt

I'm becoming a belt chick, starting to tackle this wearing a belt thing... New belt: Michael Kors, size S, wish they had XS, purchased at Macy's. Photo taken with iPhone Grand Central waiting on 4/5 train. Today at around 11 a.m. ~Isobella

Favorite Little Thing: Set Sail Shabby Apple dresses in XXS-XL

Hey Girls,

One of my favorite little things this week is Shabby Apple dresses, I have featured them before as well because they have sizes for all XXS-XL, and this time I wanted to share with you their vintage inspired, perfect for petite, Set Sail collection. I love the preppy sassy and fun looks at Shabby Apple, and here are a couple favorites:

I am liking the Ahoy! dress. This minty turquoise is so pretty. 

Also if you notice the models on the website, they don't all look giraffe tall, which is inspiring.

This comfy but classy Starboard Bow dress is also perfect for girls on the go.

So go on and Set Sail towards your dreams!


Earlier today at Better TV for a style segment, airs August 1st!

(At Better TV today, wearing cute Bradley Bayou blouse, fits great for a petite!)

Hey Girls,

This pic is from earlier today in dressing room at the Better TV studio for a style segment, with Bradley Bayou and the fashionable hosts Audra and Rhiannon, it will air August 1st nationwide, check it out ladies!

I was the petite chick looking long and lean rocking short shorts and a pretty blouse by Bradley Bayou, actually.

If you haven't read Bradley Bayou's book The Science of Sexy, you gotta do that! Listen my interview with Bradley Bayou on his journey and style tips for all sizes here on my podcast.

Watch the style segment on Better TV on August 1st or here at:


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some photos from this week's running in heels

Not happy about the heat!

Cheered up in the Smurf Xing line: holding hands with Smurfs.

Cute Fighter bag in Macy's, Charles by Charles David shoes

BN Union Square, Nina shoes

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Le Petit Petit "Moi" Sterling Heart charm necklace

Hey Girls,

This Le Petit Petit "Moi" Sterling Heart charm necklace is so cute and perfect for us shorter and petite girls of all shapes.

Little things rock and little things mean a lot!

Friday, July 22, 2011

In Petite Model Isobella Jade's closet: short chicks wearing a poofy bottom dress

Hey Girls,

It is too hot to run around in heels today so I am running around my living room showing you the summer dress I am wearing today while I get stuff done in doors until the heat goes down a little. This is an example of a short chick wearing a dress with a wide poofy doesn't always work well, but when the dress is about your shoulders it works out better for a petite. Also, a wider dress actually can make a shorter girl look leaner up top if the upper half is fitted or has thin straps. Watch this video here:

Isobella Jade Quote: the heart is always yearning to discover

For a dreamer there is never enough time in the day and the heart is always yearning to discover what this hour and tomorrow will bring from the efforts of yesterday. Keep your wonder and passion for possibility going, keep your faith and your inner belief that you can, keep challenging yourself and put to use your skills and abilities. And give to others your care along the way. ~Isobella Jade

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Apple store's biggest freeloader still loves the's just a different relationship now

Hey Girls,

I stopped by the Apple store today on Prince Street, I don't use the store every day anymore, I am not as desperate for a computer anymore, my relationship with the store has changed, but I do stop by once in a while and hog a computer for an hour or so. I still do love the vibe of the store, the pace is inspiring, it's fresh and airy which balances the movement of the store visitors, the sounds of Apple guru's talking at fast speeds about the computers and the programs and why Apple rocks

I still can get work done while being here at the store, and I am reminded why I felt so comfortable here.  I have been at the store for the past hour, and maybe it's cause I am a girl, maybe cause I am in shorts, and maybe because I am in heels, but I haven't been kicked off my computer yet.

Working on notes for my screenplay on a MacBook Pro. Real nice!


Just got a cute haircut at Sam Brocato Salon, this week is their three year anniversay

Hey Girls,

I just got great haircut and cute swooping bangs at Sam Brocato Salon at 42 Wooster Steeet! SoHo! this week is their 3 year anniversary and they are having some manicure and pedicure and salon specials go to and also in August is their Cut A Thon! I'll be there and hope you can also stop by!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I feel pretty wearing Kendra Scott Dee Earrings in Rose Quartz

Here I am wearing Kendra Scott Dee Earrings in Rose Quartz, all of her her jewelry is from the heart and reflects her philosophies of family, fashion and philanthropy.
Follow @Kendra_Scott on Twitter.

Listen to our interview here.


Favorite Little Thing: Perfectly mini tweezers! Sally Hansen

Hey Girls,

One of my favorite little things this week is my new Mighty Mini tweezers from Sally Hansen! Picked them up at Duane Reade yesterday evening.

The reviews might be poor on their site, but in my opinion these little suckers ROCK, I used them last night and my eyebrows are looking nice! Perfect for the model beauty bag and anytime for girls on the go. Put it in your clutch for travel bag this summer!

Worth it!

Getting started as a shorter model involves...

Hey Girls,

I am apartment hunting today, but I wanted to share with you some basics on getting started as a model since a girl recently asked me about starting off in modeling and what it involves.

Whether you live in a small town or bigger city starting off is all the same. Pursuing modeling when you are not fashion height means really understanding where your opportunities can be found and for girls under 5'8" it is within print modeling. So starting off is about researching.

You're preparing to enter an industry, and you want to know as much as possible about it ahead of time.

If you don't know what print modeling is, you should read this post on what it is about. If you don't know the photos you need, you should read these two post on basic modeling photos for short chicks and commercial print photos as well.

Make sure you can handle rejection. You've got to already have confidence, already know your assets before you get in front of the camera (what makes you a good model?) Despite height what else do you have that is marketable?) and have a photo plan for your comp card and portfolio shots. Shooting just to shoot, shooting without a plan doesn't usually bring quality and professional photos which will help you.  Print modeling agencies love to see personality, energy and friendly faces. And your shots should look natural but professional. Always make sure your photographer knows what print modeling is and spend time finding the right photographer that understands your goals as a model.

Research print modeling agencies in your area or talent agencies, many agencies will mention their submission requirements but keep in mind most print modeling agencies do not craft your careers and do not invest in you like fashion agencies invest in their models

editorial from Luna magazine, wearing TOCCA coat in front of Apple store.
As a shorter model you are always self-investing, being your own manager and really leading your own goals, the agency is a great thing to have and work with but working non-exclusive when you are starting out is what I suggest and what most print modeling agencies will be about. Shorter girls, aka print models, don't typically get signed exclusive with an agency and here is why that is okay.
(an illustration by that awesome Jazmin Ruotolo from my graphic novel MODEL LIFE)

Mainly, you could break getting started in modeling to two things:

1. Your own will to try and to be a self-striver. Modeling is a tough pursuit no matter your height and for a shorter girl it involves a go-getter persona, a marketing mindset, positive attitude, and ambition to overcome the tough days during your goal setting and striving.

2.  Professionalism. From managing your photography and photos for your comp card and portfolio to being a professional and easy to work with model on the job, professionalism is key.

Having what it takes doesn't come down to one thing, and no one can tell you what that one thing is, having what it takes comes down to your own belief, your own will to try and desire to pursue something that may be the biggest challenge you have encountered yet,

I support the underdogs 4 life!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Isobella Jade Quote: When there is no silver spoon, you have to make your own gold.

When you want something, go get it! I mean putting it out there, physically knocking on the door, clicking send, picking up the phone, researching, putting a stamp on it, taking action. I mean truly madly deeply going after it, for possibility is out there and is found from trying! When there is no silver spoon, you have to make your own gold. ~Isobella Jade

Favorite Little thing: Lauran Vitonahu African-inspired silk scarves

Hey Girls,

I wanted to share these beautiful African-inspired silk scarves by Lauran Vitonahu that just recently launched. I like how the scarfs are also presented on hats and the photos of the models wearing them are full of energy and elegance. :) When I buy a scarf I plan to keep it for a lifetime and I wear them year round with many different outfits and attached them to my purses too, and the Lauran Vitonahu's new collection caught my eye. This is my favorite one:

Check them out here or at selected stores Sunset Beach Hotel Boutique and at Henri Bendel Fifth Avenue on July 22 and 23.

Find Lauran Vitonahu on Facebook here:


Calling Petite and Voluptuous models!

Hey Girls, I am planning a feature on my blog for aspiring petite and voluptuous models, especially in the NYC area but all locations can submit as well. If you are petite and proud of your curves, please email me at asap, send over beauty shot, headshot, or comp card jpg, pics, measurements, thanks :)


Petite of the Week is Aiko Christine!


Petite of the Week is Aiko Christine from Seattle, Washington.

This is what Aiko Christine shared with me recently about striving as a petite model: "I think the biggest struggle with petite modeling is height discrimination, I think the best way to get over the hump is to hold onto what you know you love about yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Another piece of advice is to network network network, the wider a net you cast the more chances you have of getting leads and jobs!"

Aiko's recent accomplishments include signing with Prestigious Models, modeling for Nora Catherine Jewelry, Deanna Dibene Hats and Hair Accessories, Fossati US Handbags, Donaldson Jewelers, Bella Petite Magazine Cover Girl, Glam Modelz Magazine Cover, Kaboom Magazine Feature.

Facebook: Aikochristine
Twitter: @aikochristne

Aim high no matter your height!

If you would like to be Petite of the Week, submit to me your photos and your latest pursuits in modeling and your thoughts on striving as a petite model to

Friday, July 15, 2011

NYC aspiring models of all sizes lets be in touch!

Hey Girls, I hope you have a great weekend! If you live in the NYC area and are an aspiring model and want to attend my up coming events send me a quick email, I am preparing for upcoming events and projects and want to make sure you're on file and in the loop, email me at
(send a jpeg of your compcard or a pic).

I know that many of you are aspiring models, and you are all- all shapes and sizes, which I love and respect, and many of you are petite (like me!) but also if you are taller that is totally okay and I want to know you as well, modeling is a tough pursuit no matter your height.

Also if you are a size 12/14 live in the NYC area and 5'6" + shoot me an email too with your pics

Favorite Little Thing: Wacoal supports the petite shape: girls check out these bra's and panties for petite's

Hey Girls, This week's Favorite Little Thing are these cute and sexy bra's and panties for the petite shape from Wacoal:

My favorite bra:
 Love the Embrace Lace Petite style. 

You are beautiful, and embrace your petite'ness and celebrate it!


Norman Rockwell's Cover Girl (Girl Reading the Post)

Hey Girls,

Last weekend I was at the Norman Rockwell museum and it was really awesome.

One of my favorite pieces of his is an oil and canvas he first illustrated for the The Saturday Evening Post, in 1941, called Cover Girl (Girl Reading the Post). The illustration is signed to Walt Disney which is also pretty cool!

I hope you get to go to the museum and see his work in person sometime!

Norman Rockwell Museum

We are all similar despite our differences-Norman Rockwell.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have you seen this Lane Bryant commercial?

I think the commercial is shot beautifully, and Ashley Graham looks stunning.

With lingerie in mind, a girl recently asked me about lingerie modeling in the print modeling world, here is some insight on producing the right lingerie photos for the print modeling side:

When striving as a model within print modeling if you want to do lingerie or body related modeling consider that the intimate world consists of ALL types of lingerie, not just lace, not just thongs. Sure, get that shot of you in a pretty lace bra, etc...but also produce photos that showcase a diverse display of yourself modeling all types of lingerie. Remember that commercial print modeling can be a bit conservative and you don't want to not get the job because you are actually revealing too much within your shots. Study ads and catalog shots for lingerie of all types, not just Victoria's Secret and Frederick's but also Hanes and Maidenform, and notice the whole spectrum of the intimates world.

Using your body to model isn't limited to teasing the camera and the glamour side, that is a small world and actually can be limiting, so don't limit yourself.

Actually, I think fitness magazines and editorials found in Cosmo, Allure, Glamour and Marie Claire that involve swimwear and intimates are great to use as examples and inspiration for your shots as well. And throw in there a smile, bring some personality to your shots, print modeling loves smiles and energy.

Coming up is CURVE NY Expo, July 31st, August 1,2 2011,, a tradeshow for lingerie and swimwear for all sizes. Who knows, maybe one year you will be a model at the tradeshow or involved with a lingerie brand that showcases there.

First you have to prepare for your success, know yourself and assets, make sure you have your marketable photos and become a good model-marketer, always be ambitious to chase what you want!


You don't have to drink a gallon of milk or stress about growing more inches

To all my petite's out there, and my shorter chicks of all sizes, you don't have to drink a gallon of milk or stress about growing more inches, because being ITTY BITTY ROCKS! Your ability is not measured in height and inches, so focus on your assets, your skills, on your passions and ambitions, focus on everything you are.~Isobella Jade

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Isobella Jade Quote: We've all overcome something

We've all overcome something, there’s some pain and pride, sadness and success, heartache and honor in all of us, and what we've struggled for, what we've chased and worked for, what we've had the desire to become and do and all we gave, lost and gained stays with us as we grow. It's those moments of carrying yourself through, when you’ve made peace with the day and with yourself, when you balanced the mind and the heart, that are the most beautiful, defining and precious. ~Isobella Jade (while watching the sun go down)

Today at Sweet Lilly's I got an Awesome Hot Lavender Cream manicure

Hey Girls,

Earlier today I got an Awesome Hot Lavender Cream manicure at Sweet Lilly's nail salon 222 West Broadway :)

Give yourself a spa day! Or book a manicure or pedicure-amazing!

So lovely!

Catch my chat with Kendra Scott! New Podcast segment is up!

Hey Girls!

Wow, had a great chat with jewelry designer and inspiring entrepreneur Kendra Scott, listen to the archived segment here: (btw me cute Dee earrings in Rose Quartz are on their way and I will make sure to snap a photo of myself feeling beautiful while wearing them!)

My next purchase will be the Jeanine earrings!  - so elegant!

And if you live in the LA area, Kendra Scott has a new store opening in Beverly Hills! Check that out here:

Follow Kendra Scott on Twitter @Kendra_Scott
Find her on Facebook:
Add some color to your life! Stop by Kendra Scott Jewerly:

Off to get manicure!


P.s: if you missed my chat with fashion designer Bradley Bayou, catch it here:

Today! A chat with jewelry designer Kendra Scott on her core philosophies

Hey Girls,

Today I am chatting with the lovely jewelry designer and successful entrepreneur Kendra Scott! Tune in at 1 PM CT or 2 PM EST!  The link to the segment is below.  Here are some beautiful earrings that caught my eye recently. Normally I wouldn't choose a stud earring, but I love these Carmella stud earrings, they have a beautiful teardrop shape and the color arrangements you can get are perfect for every type of outfit and event or get together or to the office or for a photo-shoot.

Carmella Stud Earring in Green Orchid


Tune into our segment all about Kendra Scott's self-made journey as a jewelry designer and inspiring world brand, it will be a segment that will make you want to stick to your goals and chase your dreams.

Aim high and strive!


Isobella Jade Quote: Keep Celebrating

Celebrate what you are all about, although it might seem like it's hard to pave your way, tough it out, keep celebrating and focusing on what it is that you want to accomplish. Sometimes you've got to toot your own horn, sometimes it doesn't "just happen the way it should." The road is long and not easy but you are out there trying, it's what counts. Keep celebrating and striving~ij

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wrapping the day up at the Oyster Bar Grand Central

First time there today. Loved it. So many rooms!

I stopped by the Christopher Crabaugh salon today on 22nd street in the Flatiron District

With Christopher!
Hey Girls,

I stopped by the Christopher Crabaugh salon today on 22nd street in the Flatiron District of New York City for a Black Book magazine and Sebastian meet and greet and met and talked with Martin (cut) and Karen  (coloring) , who were both really sweet and both had an amazing sense of style as well.

Of course I met the salon owner Christopher, and gave him a copy of my book Short Stuff, which I hope he enjoys, he told me he was an avid reader :)

Overall the vibe of this salon is very welcoming and warm. The space is very open, and had an upbeat persona which is great when going for a hair cut, new style or color treatment.
Address: 48 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010
Phone (212)924-2877

Hours Tues - Wed: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Thurs - Fri: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

I hooked myself up with some Sebastian Shapter Zero Gravity light weight control hairspray. A girl on the go needs it!