Thursday, June 30, 2011

Style contest! Submit to win a copy of The Science of Sexy and a copy of my book Short Stuff

Hey Girls,

My shorter/petite readers of all sizes from the USA can submit to win a copy of Bradley Bayou's awesome style book called The Science of Sexy.

Bradley Bayou's book, The Science of Sexy, is an every size style guide that has a fitting room meant for petites and short girls of all shapes. There is a GREAT petite section in the book and the book is really insightful and helpful for all shapes and sizes 0-26.

 To submit to win The Science of Sexy, send me a photo of yourself wearing your favorite summer time outfit to include your first name, height and city.  Share how you created the look to work with your petite size.

Petite pride!
I will showcase the top three submission on this blog and pick my favorite short and stylish look as the winner!
Deadline July 5th, 2011

Also make sure you connect with Bradley Bayou on Twitter and Facebook here: 

If you missed last week's segment with Bradley Bayou on my podcast radio show tune in here or check it out on itunes. (click here to listen to the archived interview 

For this contest, I will also throw in a copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model to the winner.

All submissions will be considered for other Short and Stylish features in the future.

This is the first contest of a few other summer book giveaways coming up!

I am looking forward to your submissions!

 Always aim high no matter your height!


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