Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A question on phone numbers on the actual comp card? Answered

A girl asked me recently in an email:

It common to have phone numbers listed on the actual comp card?

I think it is a good idea to manage your own comp card, especially when you are starting out. When you are first striving to work with an agency you will mail them your comp card.  And I wouldn't typically print your phone number on the comp card.  You will print on your comp card your stats, click the comp card above and at the bottom of the back of the card you will see the stats: height, dress, bust, waist, etc. And that is what my comp card includes along with my name on the front of the card. I don't print my phone number or email on my comp card.

I typically hand write my agency's phone number or I would use a sticker the agency gave me that has their contact info on it when attending castings. Your comp card will have your stats on it and your name, but you don't need to put your phone number on it.  When you use your comp card while working with an agency, the agency will be the one the client calls if they want to work with you, and you will write on it

Here is some other insight on mailing agencies, phone numbers on comp cards, and castings and comp cards:
This is based on my own experiences.

When you are starting out to mail agencies, you will mail out the comp cards to MANY agencies. If you are mailing the agency for the first time your comp card just write or on a post-it write your own phone number for them to contact you. When agencies calls you with interest to work with you, you will typically end up freelancing with that agency/ working non-exclusive with them and with more than one agency, but you can create and use the same comp card typically for all the agencies you work with non-exclusively.

And print modeling agencies usually won't front the cost for their model's comp cards, they usually won't "invest $" into their model's careers, typically that is just the fashion world, not the print modeling world. The print modeling business is more about YOU being prepared for your own success ahead of time and understanding the less hands-on relationship with the agencies, it is really about what you put in and how much time you put into crafting your photos, aiming to be professional, producing a marketable comp card that the agency can use to market you, so be prepared manage your photography and your printing for comp cards and distrubute the comp cards to the agencies you work with. An actor prints their headshots a print model prints their comp cards.

And, beware, don't have to feel pressured to print a comp card through an agency, and often this is a scam, so remember you can and should manage your own photography and it is normal and expected as a model working non-exclusive with print modeling agencies to print your own comp cards and manage your photography.

After you mail your compcards to print agencies, remember the agency won't call you normally unless the comp card you sent them is already marketable, and when the agency does call you with interest to market you to their clients the agency will ask you for 10 or so cards and the rest you will use for castings or to market yourself to other agencies/opportunities.

Print modeling agencies like it that you are prepared, they are used to working non-exclusive with their models and the more prepared you are and have your professional print modeling photos, comp card, portfolio, the better. If a print agency wants to work with you they will work with your comp card and send you out to castings and you will use that comp card.

Like a hand bag designer that sells the same bag in different stores. You can use your comp card for more than one agency. The agency's might give you stickers with the agency's contact info on it that you will place on the comp card before castings. Or you can write the agency's phone number on your comp card before you attend the casting they are sending you to attend. So a phone number is not needed to be printed on the comp card you create.

I wouldn't print your phone number on the comp card for sake of losing the card, and safety, what if you drop one? You don't want your number floating around.

When I go to a casting I typically will write the agencies name and phone number on the comp card and use the same card for multiple agencies I've worked with. 


P.s: Also, when an agency wants to work with you that doesn't mean thet are "handing you" opportunities, working with an agency doesn't guarantee you will get booked modeling work, you still are most always your own best manager and you need to produce your own comp cards and manage your photography, it is the best way NOT to get scammed and to keep yourself always in progress and not limited. And always produce photos that entwine the goals you have for modeling in a realistic manner. When you are preparing photos for your comp card think about your modeling goals and assets as a model:

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