Monday, June 13, 2011

Classes and Seminars about TV commercials coming up:

Hey Girls, 

If you are based in the NYC area and interested in working within TV commercials here are some upcoming seminars that might intrigue you. I suggest getting a professional headshot BEFORE attending seminars and classes. A;so it's smart if you have some idea to what the word on-camera means beforehand. GOOGLE! There is a difference between TV commercial auditions and commercial print modeling castings.

Consider these classes on TV commercial auditioning. On-camera acting classes are based on speaking right to camera, there are certain ways to position your body, and knowing how to stay in frame is important and how to position your face and body for on-camera auditions, sometimes knowing how to read from an on-camera teleprompter is helpful as well. Also you should know the basics about on-camera auditions such as knowing "what slating is."  Slating is when you stand on your mark (usually a piece of tape will be on the ground which you stand on) and speak to the (video) camera and introduce yourself to the camera.

If you want to get into commercials, check out this class through Affordable Acting classes:

Commercial Intensive (1 Day): Wednesday, June 29th from 6:00-9:00pm - $45

& Commercial Intensive (1 Day): Tuesday, July 5th from 6:00-9:00pm - $45
Go to - to REGISTER for these classes/seminars.

Other sites for classes and seminars:

Read this article about being a "nice to be around" commercial actor by 5'4" Casting Director, Laurie Records: I believe that waaaaay back in my days as a stage actor in Seattle, I was fortunate enough to be cast regularly, not because I was hands down the most talented 5’4” spunky brunette in town, but because directors wanted me around. Why? Well, because I was a nice gal (and was a hard worker, talented, reliable, blah, blah, blah… but so were a LOT of other spunky brunettes). The truth is, I was fun to have around! I believe often times I get work as a casting director for the same reason. I’m nice… and certainly all the blah, blah blah, but *nice matters*. It does for me and it does for you.
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