Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Casting Confessions: At a casting this past week for a shoe retailer...

(me,  what up short hair days)

A few girls forgot to bring the proper shoes. As a result, they were not being seen by the casting director and were waiting in the hallway, because they didn't have with them the right shoes to wear,  the eyes of one looked me up and down. I ended up letting her-who fit a size 6 shoe-borrow my shoes, high heels of course.

The model that showed up after me ended up loaning another model waiting her size 9 shoes, that model had been hopeful that someone who'd show up would be her size 9 shoe.  It was like a F'ing shoe exchange.

The point is girls: BE PREPARED!
There won't always be another model to kindly get your back!
Don't spend your time waiting in the hallway for someone to happen to be the same size shoe as you!

If you have a casting for shoes make sure ask your agency "what type of shoes you should wear."

I was by my agency the casting details, which included: what shoes to bring and the info for the modeling job if booked, such as payment, usage, all that.

If you are not given this info by your agency... ASK!

It is always better to show up prepared, it is common sense to want to know how you should dress for a casting and what the casting involves.  Also the casting director will appreciate it that you showed up prepared and you will thank yourself when you showed up ready and able and not waiting for the chance someone else attends the casting that wears the same shoe as you, and in hopes she will be kind enough to let you borrow her shoes.

And it doesn't matter how tall you are...make it a must-have: high heels in your handbag for all castings


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