Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bradley Bayou shares "The Science of Sexy" for all sizes

Hey Girls,

I really love this article on Oprah.com on Bradley Bayou's, fashion designer and the author of The Science of Sexy also fashion guru for Oprah.com, insight on fashion for all sizes, check it out here:


The foundation of his "science of sexy" is based two things:
1. Dressing to balance your body.

2. Learning to conceal your flaws and reveal your assets.

...to create a figure that looks beautifully proportioned and that gets attention in all the right places.

In the article Bradley shares, "Let’s be real here for a second. The average fashion model is about 5'10", 115 pounds, and a size 4 at most. Now, consider this: The average American woman is 5'4", 164 pounds, and a size 14. In fact, half the women in this country wear a size 14 or above. Yet most of the clothes you find in stores are designed for tall, skinny fashion models. The problem is, the majority of women might not even look good wearing those clothes!

Today, most fashion books and magazine articles fail to distinguish the differences in body types when it comes to giving fashion advice. And they use vague lists of descriptors for how to look taller or thinner."

I agree!  I think you will really enjoy these features on Oprah.com on Bradley's science of sexy mindset and also his books. Here are some awesome tips for all sizes:

Download Bradley’s closet check list: http://www.oprah.com/style/Your-Dream-Closet-Checklist

Check out Badley’s Pant Guide for All Sizes: http://www.oprah.com/style/Bradley-Bayous-Pant-Guide

Bradley’s Dress Guide: http://www.oprah.com/style/Bradley-Bayous-Dress-Guide

Bradley Bayou's couture collection: http://www.bradleybayoucouture.com/

I encourage girls to give attention to their assets, to acknowledge what they do have and find the value in their size and shape, and not dwell on what they might not have been born with.

Learning to love and work with what you naturally have is something I believe in. NO one in perfect, we all have flaws and scars, and I think beauty is the glow on a woman's face, her inner love for herself. The word perfection hasn't been my goal, for what is perfection really? Perfect to who? Perfect to me? Perfect to someone else judging me? Screw that! I can be perfect for myself! I've learned to love my gap between my teeth, I put on that push-up bra if I want a more proportioned looking shape, and I try to understand my body (I have a booty, I have small hips, I have long legs for a short chick but I'm still short). It's good to know yourself, what you are working with! Also my own trial and error has proven I look best in certain skirts, certain styles of jeans, certain tops and jackets, to present myself in clothing that not only flatters my petite size, but also clothing that makes me feel confident and beautiful and brings out my true self.  Later I will share more on what styles as a petite I love and go-to.
I am sure that, especially my shorter readers, will enjoy Bradley Bayou's insight on styling for all sizes and shapes, and follow Bradley and his tips here on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.bradleybayou.com/ 

You are beautiful! Size is just a number!

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