Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Basic Print Modeling Photos Every Shorter Model Needs

Hey Girls,

So you're short, okay, I am not giraffe tall either, but I am sure you have a lot more to offer the modeling industry than just your height right?

Of course you do! Modeling is not just about being a certain height or having certain measurements, many print models are marketing their upbeat personality, their smiles, their approachable and friendly persona to work within print ads, editorials in magazines and commercials (sure being proportioned, having nice skin, nice hair, nice nails can also be a benefit), and getting opportunities as a shorter model starts with photos.

Make sure you have the right photos you need to pursue modeling before you reach out to agencies and before you call yourself a model.

Having the desire to work as a model is good, it takes a lot of ambition, a strong and confident mindset, the ability to handle rejection, and the will to try, but what co-sides these attributes is photos!

Here are the basic print modeling photos every shorer model needs before she pursues modeling. Below are tips for creating a modeling comp card and submitting comp cards to agencies. Also by visiting and mentioning Isobella Jade when you place an order get 10% off.

Where is your smiling photo?  If you want to pursue print modeling you better get one/or more. This smiling shot is good for the front of your comp card or on the back of your comp card. You can create a smiling shot that involves the full body or close-up.

Beauty close-up/ or a shot that is based on your facial features.

Showing personality, you doing something day-in-the-life-ish or catalog-ish.

Shots involving a product.

Of course you can create a body shot, but keep it in the style of health, beauty, fitness. Nothing too edgy.
It you create a swimwear or lingerie shot make sure it is classy and has a catalog persona. Involve your personality smiles as much as possible into your print modeling shots, because that is what print modeling is all about.

 Aim high and remember the work that is involved when pursuing modeling as a shorter girl, the little guy has to put in the time, energy and prep work, and keep in mind that the more prepared you are for your pursuits, the better!  :)

I hope this helps, good luck!

Links on creating comp cards and submitting to print modeling agencies.
** before preparing a photoshoot or submitting your comp card to the agency review the type of photos that the models have on the print modeling agency's websites that you want to submit to first. Prepare marketable photos and be smart about it. Before you get in front of the camera have a plan, have a goal for the shots and make sure they will benefit your modeling goals realistically.

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Mônica GH said...

This Blog is awesome! Thank you so much for your tips. I'm a 5'2" young woman living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, whose friends keep saying I've got the look for modeling, but I usually feel I can't really do it because I'm too short. I'm finally getting over that and trying to enter the modeling business. Your tips are really helpful because I'm just starting to build a book with pictures.

MichelleC said...

Your blog is amazing. I can't thank you enough for all the amazing tips and resources you have. I am an aspiring model,I am very thin, but being only 5'3", I thought I didn't have a shot. Now I realized I can pursue print modeling and beauty modeling. This really made my day and I was able to print so much amazing information before my photoshoot next week. Thank you so much!