Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are there agencies without height requirements?

A girl asked me about agencies without height requirements, and if there were any out there?

I told her:

Most modeling agencies out there do have height requirements, even print modeling agencies, but talent agencies and print modeling modeling agencies are better to pursue than a high fashion agency if you are petite.

Focus on working with agencies that markets not just the height of a model, but also her personality. Also an agency that works with models of all sizes and ages for ads of all types is good to go after. Do the research and hunt them out, many well respected print modeling agencies do not advertise themselves. They accept submissions from aspiring models via postal mail and they do not have open calls.

When producing photos for your modeling comp card you have to be careful to produce "the right" type of photos.

If you're wanting to be a tennis player you wouldn't just jump on the court, you'd need to know how to properly use the tennic racket, and want to learn about the sport as much as you can, practice for hours, know yourself and your skills, test out techniques and always be improving yourself, before you call yourself  "an aspiring professional tennis player."

Same with striving to be a professional model.

It helps to know yourself, so you can better prepare for your success by understanding your assets, so ask yourself, 'What do I have to offer the business of selling products and how can my look be marketable for advertising and editorial concepts?' and 'What do I have that is marketable beyond my height?'

Be prepared to research, manage your photos, craft your comp cards and invest in your goals, not just with money but with time and energy.

If you only dwell on feet and inches you may miss out on all you actually could be using to get opportunities.

You have more than your height,

~isobella jade

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