Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Winner of The Walk This Way Photo contest is Kim!

The Walk This Way winner is Kim!

For this contest I wanted to see movement, I wanted to see how your personality and energy can be captured in a photo.

Even though Kim is actually walking away from the camera her energy is terrific, I feel her happiness, and the first shot with black dress clearly represents a motion that expresses her upbeat personality. For a comp card I would crop it to limit the clouds and landscape and make the focus her smile and energy, but for a portfolio shot it would be fun with more of the pretty clouds.

This other shot Kim submitted has an angelic appeal, and I agree, like she suggested, it has the essence of a perfume ad.

I think it's important for a shorter model and models of all sizes to bring their personality into their shots, remember that no matter your height you can make marketable your energy and smile and your girl on the go persona. I know you can create photos that will be marketable. I know that if you put the time into it and focus on what you do have, you can find that your height isn't everything in modeling. Models are not just selling their height, they are helping to sell a brand or product by using their look, personality and expressions to tell the story of that brand, magazine editorial or product.
 Also, showing yourself 'doing something' in your shots will give your shots an advertising and commercial print modeling vibe, so do more than stand there and pose, instead put real life into it, bring a real atmosphere into it, and throw on a handbag, go for a walk around town, walk your dog, grab a coffee and put your smile and energy to use. Get some shots that involve you in the moment, and moving, moving, moving onward and living it up!

Strive on and aim high,

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