Sunday, May 15, 2011

My chat with Kirsty at Diary of a Small Girl on why petite's are so unrepresented in the fashion world and tips for the shorter girls on getting out there on modeling


Hey Girls,

Everyone, petites, strivers, hustlers, I recently chatted with Kirsty at Diary of a Small Girl about my thoughts on why petite's are so unrepresented in the fashion world and tips for the shorter girls on getting out there on modeling, my journey as an author and learning to love my own imperfections, check out the link here on facebook, or on her site here: .

An excerpt from the interview:

What tips would you give girls who still consider themselves underdogs because of their height? For the modelling industry and for those who are disheartened by the constant media emphasis on a barbie-esque perfection.

I think it is best to confront what you like and don’t like so much about your physical appearance and becomes friends with your flaws, and turn your mindset into being thankful for what you do have. We all have things about ourselves we might wish we could change or perfect, but perfection is not what I consider beautiful actually. I consider that scar by your eyebrow, that gap between your teeth or that bump on your nose, and that big forehead the real beauty.
I used to hate the gap between my teeth, and my overbite when I compared myself to other girls at school, but after studying my mouth during all of high school I noticed that if my teeth and jaw were perfectly aligned my smile would look very awkward and uncomfortable. When I just let my overbite do its thing, my smile looked so much prettier, real and natural. Today many models have a gap between their teeth, but when I was a kid it was something I worried about, but my mother has a gap, my grandmother had a gap, and it is something that also is a part of my roots which I also have become more important to me over time.
And the even bigger beauty is how you treat people and the kindness you give. Beauty should be only defined by the love you give and the care you express, I don’t care how attractive someone is; I care about how they treat people and how they treat themselves. I hope that this becomes more important in our society as well.
Fashion’s tall-is-better world can be misleading and the barbie-esque thing damages the self-esteem of girls around the world. It makes me sick. Your breasts don’t have to be a certain size to be accepted, and at the same time you don’t have to be a certain height to be considered model-ready. If you want to model think about what you can realistically model for, be honest with yourself about it and focus on getting the photos you need to strive in the right ways. It is hard sometimes to confront the reality, the facts, but dwelling on breaking the barriers put up by the fashion world’s measurement standards is not going to get you far.
The more a petite girl dwells on the fashion world, the more likely she is to miss her chances all together. But not to fear, basically the shorter girl is the reality which is why she works best for commercial print modeling which is based on relating to the everyday consumer, not the small percentage high end consumer. Fashion is such a small percent of the working models out there. Print models are all heights, ages, ethnicities, types and sizes.


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