Thursday, May 5, 2011

Model Talk Radio, Today at 4 PM EST!! Creating the right modeling photos. Dear Aspiring Models: it is important to focus on getting professional modeling photos and ALSO have some nice candid shots ready

Hey Girls, I've been in writing-land working on my new projects, but today there is a new podcast segment I think you will enjoy! Inspired by my readers and the emails and messages I receive from aspiring models, this segment is about crafting your photos to fit your modeling goals.

Model Talk Radio: Creating marketable modeling photos

When: 5/5/2011
Time: 4:00 PM EST
15 minute segment

Dear Aspiring Models: The photos you create represent where you will go in modeling. And it is important to focus on getting professional modeling photos, professional photos that market you and your assets, not just any ol' photo, but photos that really fit your realistic goals as a model.

This podcast segment shares tips for creating photos that are marketable and other bits about the behind the scenes of working with modeling agencies and how your photos help them better market you as well.

Also, sidenote, along with your professional modeling photos, it's a good idea to have some nice candid shots of yourself prepared as well, pretty shots of you as you- candid shots: What I mean by candid is snapshots a.k.a natural you being you digitals, not the model you, but the you,you. Because often when you are working with an agency these days, the clients ask the agencies for candid shots of the models to see them as their natural self, so it is a good idea to have some candid shots ready.
 Here are some examples of my snapshots and my professional modeling photos -there is a difference. And having both is best.

 You will still send your professional comp card to agencies for submissions, and you still need your printed professional comp card, but often my agencies ask for candid shots, digitals, snapshots, which are more raw and basic. A nice photo of you taken that has a more real-life instead of model-life feel.

 Tune into the Live show today at 4:00 PM EST or listen to the archive anytime here, or catch the segment on iTunes!

Aim high and strive on!

~Isobella Jade

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