Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What my feet can teach you in the June issue of Whole Living Magazine on stands now!

Hey Girls,

So what, you might not be giraffe tall, but height isn't everything in modeling! As a body part model being proportioned does help, but my height isn't why I am booked usually, it comes down to other assets. Such as my curves, my even skin tone and my nice looking feet. Meet MY Feet in the June issue of Whole Living magazine, shot by the wonderful photographer Henry Leutwyler.

I am not totally naked here hunny, I had on a black thong and sports bra. I was on an elevated set, crouched down on a mat putting my weight on my knees, I positioned my body and my butt to face camera just so slightly. The position reminded me of crouching down in the starting blocks before running the 400 dash at a track meet in high school. The hardest part of this pose was making sure I wasn't putting too much pressure on my toes (to keep them looking pretty) while keeping my ankles slightly unparalleled to show two feet. It's all about angle baby!

For this one I just sat on an elevated bench and my feet just naturally made that relaxed pose as I waited for direction, and THAT became the shot.  Sometimes being your natural self works wonders.

To create this shot I sat backwards to camera, on the elevated bench and pointed my toes and kicked my food back behind me just a little bit.

Henry Leutwyler and the Whole Living team were great to work with and Henry is not just an amazing photographer but also a great communicator, and within just a few hours we produce these beautiful shots.

Pick up the June issue of Whole Living on stands now, you will also learn a lot about foot reflexology, and how to improve foot balance and prevent foot injury, and also I love in the editorial that it shares how to be safe at the nail salon, I ALWAYS bring my own cuticle clippers, files and nail tools, also you will find in the editorial tips on keeping your feet smelling good and preventing sweaty and stinky feet.

...and also while you are reading be reminded that height isn't everything in modeling and in life when you notice your assets and market them.

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Strive on,

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