Monday, May 16, 2011

Finals week! Good luck Class of 2011: featuring hot shoes to wear on Graduation Day!

Hey Girls,

Finals week! Based on a poll on my blog many of you are 13-19, which means some of you may be the Class of 2011! Big Congrats!! I wanted to share some tips on preparing for your success with finals testing and also share some shoes that would be hot to rock for Graduation Day.

Also,did you know that in my graphic novel MODEL LIFE, there is a page that features FINALS WEEK. YUP! Here is the page Iwanted to share, illustrated by the awesome Jazmin Ruotolo:

click here and scrolld down to check out MODEL LIFE, find it on or

Finals Week is full of all types of pressures, but it is best to take it in stride and just focusing on doing the best you can.  In a book I love called Half Broke Horses, Lily Casey Smith, the narrator mentioned how in life we don't always get to do what we want to do---and it is true, sometimes we have to sacrifice for our own success and carry the load, our load that comes with doing what we want to do and getting there.

Invest the time and get the dime <--- mine. And what I mean by that is invest the time in yourself, be prepared for your success and give it the focus it deserves. The dime can be in $, but it can also mean acceptance to college, getting the job you want, or accomplishing another goal you have.

It doesn't matter the goal. Usually getting where you want to go and doing what you want to do takes focus, time, energy and persistence. And a HUGE amount of it. ~ij

Bring some water and a snack on testing day.
Teen Vogue: What To Wear During Exam Week
Teen Vogue: Graduation Dresses for under $200 (also fun to wear all summer)

Some shoes that might be fun to wear for Graduation Day!

Get your groove on with this JESS Bakers peep-toe, so confident and sassy at the same time, love it!

 It's fun to add some color and personality to celebrate your graduation! Betsey Johnson shoes always know how to celebrate!

This ivory satin NEVA Nina pump is very sophisticated and the girl wearing this shoe has a place to go, so get out of her way!

Now is the time to think about your assets, your future and all you are worth! :)
Congrats Class of 2011

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