Friday, May 6, 2011

Duuh it's hard to be a petite model, but you can still do it if your savvy

Hey Girls,

I am writing kind of frustrated that some sites like to promote that that the short girl doesn't have a chance. Well sure it's going to be tough to pursue modeling as a short chick, DUHHH!

Sure fashion agencies might be out the door, sure the catwalk and walking in Fashion Week might be not in the picture, but there is still a lot more out there when it comes to the word model. A model is not just tall, she is not perfect, she is not a supermodel only.

Focus on print modeling, the area of modeling that is about personality and energy while you interact and model a commercial product. You don't have to be anything more than what you already are to work as a print model.

But let's not forget what makes the print modeling life go round? It's the advertising world, it's the fact that so many mass consumer products needs real-looking attractive people, people of all types and ages, to model for their campaigns, product ads, even the packaging of those headphones.

Sure you might not be all glam, fake eyelashes, some designer frock, and some extreme makeup or hair, but that's not everything in modeling!

How do I know a shorter girl can model?

Because height isn't the only reason these print models are booked. And I have also seen print models in ads and thought to myself, damn I know 100 girls more attractive, more capable, but where are they???

I think it is all about how hard you work, how prepared you are and the time you invest in being professional.

Are you willing to put in the time, energy, money and marketing mindset to create the photos you need?

Sure if you are petite it helps to be proportioned.
Sure if you are petite it is best to pursue print modeling. And some of these agencies even have height requirements.
Sure there is a lot of work that a shorter model has to endure.
Sure there is a chance you won't succeed like you want to.

But if you have the guts to try, then try with a savvy mindset.

I'd like you to think about what it is that you have that makes you marketable?

Because a print modeling agency might even have a height requirement but if you know your assets as a model beyond height. You can't tell me you are ONLY height and inches?? Come on, --why are you good to model products without telling my your height??? What ad campaigns and products and types of print ads or magazines can you realistically see yourself in, where height isn't everything??

Think about it. Think about it!

Think about what makes print models marketable? What makes you marketable/? (meaning why would a brand or client hire you as a model?

You should be able to answer this, because it will guide your photo creation process), and you should be able to produce professional photos that express your personality, your energy, and that you have a look that fits the advertising and commercial print worlds.

If you don't know what makes you marketable then, yes, I agree, your odds are very slim.

Study commercial print ads,  go and look at magazines of ALL types, not just fashion magazines with tall giraffes inside and get on top of knowing what a print model is. Where are they used? What products are they modeling? What are they 'doing' in the ad?

Get a fresh, smiling, beauty shot.
Get photos that show you can interact naturally with brands, a cell phone, holding a handbag, sitting by a computer.  Show you can!

If you are petite an area to pursue is parts modeling also (which modeling for brands and magazines while using your hands, feet, legs, etc), fitness, beauty and modeling accessories among basic print modeling work that involves modeling for products and brands of all types, let's think here: cell phone, tech products, house hold goods, food goods, beauty products, skincare, jewelry.

Sure it might be work. Sure it might involve not an overnight success. But if you want to do something be prepared for the long haul!

Also, keep this in mind, a lot of actors go towards print modeling and a lot of these aspiring actors are not tall. They are booking campaigns working with talent agencies and print modeling agencies. They have their headshot, comp cards and the comp card shows print modeling friends photos.

If you focus on producing professional photos that fit your modeling goals and fit a print modeling vibe you have a chance! 

FU to anyone who says the short chick is wasting her time,

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