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Dear Aspiring Shorter Models, Be prepared to manage your own photography

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Hey Girls,

For all self-striving shorter than average models out there keep this in mind: If you can prepare your own photos and you invest the time to get professional shots and focus on creating shots that bring out your best assets, you will be going in the right direction.

Dwelling on your height, or lack of won't get you anywhere. There is more to you than just height, right?
So think about modeling as working with brands, products, and magazines and ask yourself, where you fit into the mix? What can you realistically model? What products out there have nothing to do with height? What type of modeling jobs can a shorter girl realistically get?

Here are some suggestions on these types of jobs for short chicks and preparing the photos you need to get opportunities (not having the right photos can set you back).

Plan your photoshoots for your goals. There is no point in planning a photo-shoot unless it will help your modeling goals, so make sure you have your modeling goals in order and you are shooting in the direction of them.

Focus on getting a headshot, beauty shots, shots of your modeling accessories, and shots that involve your smile and personality. Research what print modeling is because if you are dwelling on fashion modeling you might be holding yourself back from opportunities. Fashion is not everything. Make sure your photos represent where you want to go and where you can realistically go in modeling.

5 modeling jobs where height isn't everything

Prepare your comp card carefully, this is your introduction to a print modeling agency so make it important, pick your photos wisely and don't rush it!

Tips on noticing your assets as a model and why knowing them can help you plan your photo shoot for your comp card photos

An agency that is interested in working with you will use your comp card headshot until you improve it if they want you to, but remember you don't need to pay the agency to get this stuff done, but you will have to be on top of it. A print modeling agency may want to work with you, or may see something marketable in you but it is still up to you to produce marketable photos and be on top of your photography. Most print modeling agencies will not invest in your photography, so be prepared for finding and having in your circle some professional photographers that understand print modeling and can help you get the shots you need.

modeling handbags for Jacquelyn Lacroix

Modeling is not the business of just looking pretty it is a business also about knowing how to be natural and relate to a product or an editorial or advertising and marketing concept.
Be prepared to manage your own photography, knowing your assets and what makes you marketable as a model, and spending time perfecting your comp card and portfolio. Always do your homework on the agencies you submit to before hand, when you are working with an agency research the brands and products you are going to castings for, and know how to should already know how to naturally hold a product and work with one, if you your poses are not natural work on this, is a good and smart idea. 

Why knowing how to model before you submit to an agency is a good idea

A shorter girl may be able to book print modeling work modeling for the marketing campaigns for lifestyle brands and companies, editorials in magazines involves accessories, beauty, fitness, or within parts modeling. But be aware of the unstable life of a model, it is not always a stable source of income and it can be tough to survive only modeling.  Here are some extra things that come from the things I've learned behind of the scenes as a model:

Pursue while knowing that you may be the shortest one in the room but that isn't the thing that defines what you are capable of and why you are a good model. Walk into the casting prepared to bring forth your best assets.

  1. Have good communication skills. Time is money and being perceptive to understand what the photographer or art director or editor is wanting out of the shot is important.
  2. I think having an understanding of proportion, camera angles and understanding the perspective of the camera is a good idea because as a model you have to sometimes find the best pose that flatters your body and the product best as quick as possible, and doing so makes you a good model.
  3. Patience, modeling can involve a lot of waiting around for the photography crew to set up and sometimes while shooting the plan or concept for the shoot will change, so you might find yourself waiting around. Actually the prep for the shoot, from the set to the makeup or styling usually takes longer than the shoot itself. Bring a book, a magazine, something to do because standing around makes people nervous, so bring some reading material to pass the time until they photographer is ready.
  4. The more you care about the shot and about working as a team the better. Be determined to get it right, be positive that you will, and you will be remembered.

Just telling you how it is, aim high and strive on, be prepared and put in the time,

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