Friday, May 13, 2011

Bringing Haute Couture back to life: Do you know how to sew?

Hey Girls, and Fashionistas,

Do you know how to sew? I don't mean sending your pattern to China, I mean do YOU really know how to sew?

It can be of benefit within your fashion design pursuits. If you are pursuing a career within fashion I suggest sharpening your sewing skills. And fashion illustration skills. Here's why:

~We live in a mass market consumer world. We live in a fast pace cookie cutter I want it now world, but what this also means is that haute couture is dead. I'm talking about original, high quality, made to fit, custom fashion is really not around anymore. Think about it, where are the seamstresses? Chanel would be baffled!

~I think couture (high quality sewing) could make a come back. Why? Because everyone has the same old shirt and pants, and that higher end customer is still out there, we have become a much more focused high end society in the past ten years, 6 year olds carry COACH bags! And although the material world we live in hopefully won't suck the soul of humankind, I do think higher end, high quality, hand made and sewn garments could take off again. I think there will be a rise in one-of- a kind and special design retail items in years to come.

~It's nice that US designers can work with China, Brazil, and Italy to produce their goods, and even in the US you can have your designs and patterns produced and manufactured, but factory made isn't everything, in fact if you know how to sew, know how to use a sewing machine, own a sewing machine, design with one, have hand-techniques and skills for producing detailed, beautiful, high quality goods, I think you are on to something big! For your future and the future of fashion.

If you want to go to design school, consider taking a hand-on sewing class, focus on your craft of detailing and your patience for creating something beautiful that is time consuming to do but preciously made. I do think it will be an asset for your career.

Now, I love H&M, MANGO, ARMANI EXCHANGE, LEVI, and vintage boutique stores, and I am not saying I will stop shopping there, and I am saying that I can totally afford it but I do think haute couture is making a come back.

So I would sharpen your sewing skills and consider the many areas of fashion design that are out there currently and don't degrade the high quality hand techniques of sewing and knowing how to sew.

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 3 other area that I think will make headway in coming years:

The Plain and The Basic***finding something plain and basic is a struggle these days beyond American Apparel....even if I wantto find a basic black high heel shoe it is a pain in the A**!!

The Curvy Girl's Retail Selection***right now the curvy chicks only have a handful of quality options when it comes to retail goods, someone needs to step it up! There is big money to make for the brands that do!

The Petite***of course the petite girl, some stores are being more welcomnig of shorter inseams and lengths of their garments but the whole petite industry is something I believe in and like the curvy chicks, the petite girls need more love!!


~Isobella Jade

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