Monday, May 9, 2011

Aspiring models, please don't slop together your photos, build your experience in a professional way

Hey Girls,

Monday, Monday, gotta get those goals moving!
Last week I did a podcast segment on model photography, did you catch it?

It’s really easy to be misled when it comes to serious modeling and the photos you need and how to market yourself. Especially in this Internet age, finding your way can be really nerve-racking because it might sound so easy, upload your photo, be seen, be a model, just upload your images, but just uploading an image doesn’t mean you are a professional, it doesn’t mean you even know how to model and a random photo won't do.

When you are serious about modeling, finding opportunities it starts with putting yourself in a position for success, and having goals.

Your goals will reflect your photos, the photos you create.

The photos you create represent where you will go in modeling. And it is important to focus on getting professional modeling photos, professional photos that market you and your assets, not just any ol' photo, but photos that really fit your realistic goals as a model.

If you are only dwelling on your height, remember you are missing out on the other assets you have that can be marketable. I suggest knowing your assets beyond height before you plan a photoshoot for modeling, prepare and strive to work with a professional photographer, research modeling agencies in your area that work with models of all types. Remember your mindset is everything, like I've mentioned before: perception is everything.

Here are some posts I've written on putting your comp card to use as a model, even if the phone isn't ringing from a modeling agency you can still build your experience in a professional way with the right mindset:

Some tips for working with an agency and how to get their attention:


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