Saturday, April 23, 2011

The winner of the modeling smiling contest is Michelle!

Hey Girls,

The winner of the smiling modeling contest and a signed copy of 'Short Stuff' is Michelle,
who is 5'4" and lives in Baltimore and is originally from Chicago.

 I like how Michelle looks like she is loving life and enjoying the moment, her smile looks real, natural, not forced and that is what makes the shot appealing and marketable. I also like how her makeup and hair look clean and fresh and natural, in print modeling clean, natural and fresh are key.

Although there is only one winner this time, I received some great submissions for the modeling smiling contest and thanks for your submissions.

Remember, smiling shot is an important photo for a shorter model to have on her comp card and within her portfolio, for we might not have the height but like I always say, height isn't everything, and your personality, the energy and life in your smile and eyes can also make you marketable no matter your height. Print modeling and modeling products of all types for the commercial marketing world often involves having a friendly smile, showing your personality to the camera, having a sense of understanding how to naturally relate to products of all types, may it be dental floss or a handbag, print modeling also involves a bit of acting as well in front of the camera in a natural 'being yourself' at the same time way. Keep in mind the importance also because marketing professinals, art directors, magazine editors, casting directors are casting and booking models for their personality, and you can be booking for a modeling job based on simply being yourself in print modeling and showing your spunk and smile. So, what if you might not be giraffe tall, use what you do have and your smile can be big part of what gets you modeling opportunities as a print model so don't degrade the smile shot. Get the shots you need to strive and height will become a little thing to worry about. And remember it isn't about having a perfect smile or perfect teeth, it's about loving what you do have, who you are and showing that to the camera.

More contests are coming for my petite girls!

Strive on! Petite Pride!


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