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Why models need a smile shot and "A smile is a Model's Best Asset Contest!"

Hey Girls,

Commercial Print Modeling is the area for a shorter girl to pursue and I wanted to share more on why you need a smile shot for Commercial Print Modeling. Currently I am holding a contest (A smile is a Model's Best Asset Contest) for my readers to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, the contest has started and it involves sending me your commercial print modeling smiling photo, your best personality-driven smile shot to:

The Deadline: April 20th 2011! at 12 p.m. EST.

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In print modeling you need a smile shot because print modeling is all about personality. If you don't show your personality and smile on your comp card the print modeling agency most likely will not call you with interest of working together.

Have you ever seen an ad that involved the model smiling, (go on and go pick up a lifestyle magazines and go check it out) many ads involve the models personality, and all ages work within print modeling,

You might have seen a model smiling in an ad while holding a product and "doing something realistic" such as talking on a cell phone, looking like a corporate professional, or interacting, holding or using products.

Commercial print modeling is about advertising and marketing a product and the personality of a model is important to sell the product in the right way.

Your smile is also important because for anything involving, beauty, fitness, catalogs, or ads or editorials that involve a happy-go-lucky face, you want to show you have that!

Bring out your great facial features, bright energetic eyes, friendly smile, great skin. These are all assets as model that have nothing to do with height.

When you are creating a smile shot here are some things to consider:
Wear natural makeup, not heavy colors. Hair should not be overdone. You should show a real smile – as if you are in a great mood, as if something is funny, or amusing or makes you happy. Look at some ads before you produce your smiling commercial print photos that show your personality. Set modeling goals and think about modeling jobs you can realistically get and priducts you could realistically model for.

Here are some photos that might inspire you.

For insight on the contest to win a signed copy of Short Stuff, click here.


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