Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Treat your skin right. I love LUSH! my latest obsessions are...

Hey Girls,

Treat your skin right! Yesterday at LUSH in SOHO I loved getting a Grass shower gel and sugar scrub hand massage, the grass smelled like a meadow. Check out Grass shower gel here, or better yet, go into the store and get a hand treatment yourself!

I bought the Celestial Moisturizer with Natural vanilla and Almond milk. 

Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Rose oil and lavender oil and ground almonds, which I freaking LOVE! A little goes a long way and while shopping the wonderful LUSH employee reminded me that I can always come back into the LUSH store with my plastic jar and refill it for the weight/price I want.

I also got the Brazened Honey face mask. I love LUSH face masks, they are extremely fresh which means you have to use it up by a certain time period, 2-3 weeks. This one has herbs, fruit juices, softening honey and ground almonds. The masks are usually for ten minutes and they come off very easily in the shower.

I also have enjoyed their Seaweed Face Mask. It is best to go into the store and check them out, you can't order them online since they are very fresh and time sensitive masks. You leave them in the fridge.

I usually take it out a few minutes before I plan to use it, and then I put the mask on my face and neck.

I might put up a video while doing a face mask sometime, until then, I encourage you to check out LUSH if you haven't already.

Beautify, in an eco-friendly way your beautiful self!


P.s: Here is a video of me chatting it up in the LUSH store about their awesome products for body and skin.

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