Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petite Models, 'The Walk this Way Contest' starts now! Submit to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff!

Hey Girls,

This April I've done a jewelry contest, a smiling contest and now it is time for the Walk This Way contest to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model

Commercial print modeling often involves "acting" like you are really doing something, such as: laughing, walking down the street, walking your dog, talking on the phone, enjoying a soda or coffee, putting on some shoes. Study print ads for lifestyle products and you will notice the models are often 'doing something' and there is movement, or implies the-day-in-the-life type situations.

You don't have to be tall to show you have personality and also walk this way! Your height doesn't hold you back from working that smile and confidence and your personality.
And here some photos that inspire The Walk This Way contest!

I am wearing a District Cotton t-shirt.

To submit to the contest email me a photo/s of yourself in motion, on the go, as if it's for an ad for a lifestyle product (please send low res 72 dpi photo/s) to petitepride@yahoo.com

Starts right now!

Ends Tuesday, May 3rd! at 6 PM!

Read an excerpt of Short Stuff here.
Strive on!~Isobella

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