Monday, April 11, 2011

My readers receive 10% off at Corazon Latino silver jewelry!

Hey Petite's!

This past week I held a Jewelry Modeling Contest to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model. The winner of that contest will be posted soon, and another contest is also coming up this week! So stay tuned!

With the spirit of my motto that height isn't everything, I am doing a promotion for my readers with Corazon Latino silver jewelry! And guess what, at Corazon Latino they use a petite jewelry model actually. (In the next weeks I am planning to feature and interview their model as well.)

Right now, starting today, for a limited time, my readers can receive 10% their purchase with the coupon code: ISOBELLAJADE (needs to be one word for the shopping cart).

Just switch the pricing to US when you get on the site and keep in mind that shipping to the US is less than $7!

It's nice to have jewelry pieces that have great quality and a unique and original design like at Corazon Latino, and if you are an aspiring model I'd also take notice of the petite model featured on the site as well and the beautiful way she models the jewelry. Some of my favorite styles are below.


The Luna.

Sadira Silver Cable Bracelet.

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