Saturday, April 9, 2011

Modeling in alcohol campaigns: You've got be 25 years old or older

Hey Girls,

I had a casting this weekend for a vodka brand, I had to be 25 or older, and sign a release slip that I was able to show ID for being so.

Did you know: You've got be 25 years old or older to model for any alcohol beverage campaigns and you often have to show ID at castings for it/and prove your age to be picked for the job?


Maybe sometimes 21 and over is asked for but in my experience usually 25 is asked for, because a 21 year old female could look younger and a 25-30 year old female more often looks over 21.

You can also read about this at

Here is where it mentions alcohol advertising.
Notice, page 4, section d.

Also I saw this site that mentions also the 25 year old age thing as well with modeling for alcohol advertsiing.

Print is different than being a promo model. In my experience I have worked asa promo sampling model in Miami and NY for alcohol brands and beer brands and I did not have to be 25.

However for print modeling to work in a print campaign for a alcoholic beverage brand  If it's a girl in a print ad or commercial you do need to be 25 or over. Ex: the Bud Light chick in the print ad campaign, or the Corona commercial, she's 25 or older. I'll share more on it next week.

By the way, age isn't a big thing anymore in modeling. Advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns within print modeling work with models of all ages. There are a lot of product ads and campaigns these days target an older demographic, think about it: 25-40 year olds are major consumers for many lifestyle, mass market and commercial brands, so the models in the ads marketed to this demographic are often their same age. Yes youth is all over the fashion world, but for many brands all ages are used, and with alcohol beverage campaigns, they are most likely 25 or over.


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