Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modeling Contest # 2 to win a signed copy of Short Stuff! A smile has no height requirement!

Hey Girls,

I mention it often here, your smile really can be your best asset in modeling as a short chick.

Don't even forget your natural assets.

For this months second modeling contest to win a signed copy of Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, send me a commercial print vibe photo of you involving your smile, the shot can involve a beauty appeal, a fresh face like a Clean & Clear campaign, sure the shot can involve modeling a product like shoes, or accessories, like a handbag, or sitting in a lobby like I am in the photo above, it can be a close-up, it can be full body, but bring your smile and show the tall girls what's up! :)

Think about making a memorable impression with your smile shot.

Think about introducing yourself with your smile.

That doesn't mean your smile needs to be perfect, it's not about having perfect teeth or whatever, it's about your confidence coming through. The real you.

Study ads that involve models smiling.

Keep in mind that every aspiring model needs a smile shot.  A print modeling agency loves to see a model's personality, energy and smile. Your comp card should always include a smile shot, and remember a smile has no height requirement!

Send photo/s for your submission to petitepride@yahoo.com

Contest starts now.

Ends April 20th 2011! at 12 p.m. EST.

I really encourage all aspiring models, especially the shorter ones, to focus on marketing their assets and a smile, their personality, can often be just that!

Some tips for creating a natural smiling shot will be featured this week as well.
Aim high and strive on!

P.s: When you are producing photos for your comp card for print modeling it is best to think about involving a product, to show that you can naturally model products, for that is what models do: we model products and for brands and for a purpose of marketing or advertising. With this in mind it is best to create shots that imply you can model products naturally and also shots that have an editorial, advertising or catalog feel is good as well.

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