Thursday, April 7, 2011

The lonely life of a striving model: tips on staying inspired as a model

Hey Girls,

While preparing to make yourself a model, be prepared for the lonely life it can involve. Be prepared to know that usually models pursue alone, they are hustling for themselves, their belief in themselves and they are inspiring themselves to stay with it.

Modeling is a lonely pursuit. Especially for a shorter girl who is most of  the time hustling for herself and working as a freelance model or non-exclusive with more than one agency. She is often her best manager and her own cheerleader.

Although you will be working with photographer's, hopefully agencies, and go on castings and be around people, you will be alone alot, in your mind. When you book a modeling job it involves working as a team to get a job done but while marketing yourself as a model, while creating photos for your portfolio and comp card and aiming for professionalism, learning more about your assets as a model, you are really leading your mission to find your success.

Here are 5 ways I stay inspired over the years modeling.

1. Set goals. Setting goals keeps you busy, keeps you looking ahead and moving forward. Set goals that are realistic for the week, month and year.
2.  Instead of watching junk TV shows, read or watch a movie that is inspiring, that fires you up, that is about those who are striving as well. I enjoy watching the History Channel, reading biography, learning about how companies and people have found their success in many types of fields.  It helps to inspire you.
3. Think wisely about how you spend money, invest in your pursuits, invest in professional modeling tools. Such as, photography, comp cards, portfolio. Staying inspired can stem from being prepared and preparing yourself for your own success.
4. Surround yourself with positive people, people who are upbeat, who are good listeners, and who are also striving for their goals.
5. Modeling is a business of images to sell a brand, product, a photo story, a concept, and it is a business of "being what they-art director-photographer-casting director-editor-is looking for" so know ahead of time you are working in a business of rejection.
6.  Also modeling is an unstable pursuit. Know ahead of time it is a lot of work to survive and pay bills modeling, it's best to pursue with passion and ambition but also keep in mind modeling is a very competitive and tough pursuit.

What you give is what you get, and your will to try is the biggest part, keep your eyes on your goals, keep your head high, and be what I like to call: realistically ambitious.


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