Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isobella's closet: EXPRESS size XXS and XS

In the EXPRESS dressing room in SoHo trying on a buttoned up navy shirt, which I like but the XS is actually kinda big.
They didn't have an XXS in store :(

This is what I wore today, Mango brown skirt, with tan H&M shirt, and navy Stewart Weitzman pumps, blue trench coat actually is from EXPRESS (old)

I ended up buying  in white and blue the STRETCH LACE-TRIMMED BRA CAMI  they had an XXS small in store but it had a stain on it, so I went with an XS and I think it will be fine, maybe it will shrink a little in the wash. I find Express's XS are kinda big. Although I tried on and I got this CRISSCROSS BRA TOP in XS in white and it was fitting okay so it's tough to judge sometimes. <---Even though this top is supposed to be Sporty, I am planning to wear it with pencil skirts and with jeans.  Online I searched for XXS and only two tops come up, but more come up under XS.

Petite pride!

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