Saturday, April 30, 2011

In modeling being booked for a job can be based on raw and natural photos.

Hey Girls,

One of my agencies recently asked me for some 'hand digitals', since I was being sent for consideration for a hand modeling job for a beauty brand, so I snapped some photos of my hands, as is, with my iPhone to the agency by email, which would be forwarded to the client. These days a lot of clients like to see raw photos. You as you.  Sometimes clients don't hold castings at all and just book the models from viewing the jpg raw digitals.

Every client, job, project is different.

As a 'parts model' sometimes my agency will say I need digitals ASAP, if they don't have a certain type of photo the client wants to see of you already on file. Sometimes I will just take the photo wherever I am, and other times I have saved on my phone digitals of my hands, feet, etc. And I email them the images usually 2-3. I will be in the middle of running and errand, writing, or whatever and then I'll be crafting the best photo I can, trying to get the right light while using my iPhone, and posing my foot, hand in a natural but pretty way. But hey, that's the behind the scenes of being a model on the go.

Anyways below are some digitals images I sent the agency to send to the client. :) kind of looks like a pen advertisement eh :)

(BTW, to submit to the agency for first time you need to make a comp card submission, but after you are working with agency sometimes you may be asked to send the agency last minute, as is, photos of yourself, because these days, especially with our photoshopped world, the client likes to see the model natural, raw, real, so sometimes you may be asked to send snapshots of yourself or 'parts' for certain jobs. Also I encourage you not to create overly dramatic photo with crazy hair and makeup, save that for the nights out with the girls, for modeling stick to natural and pretty and fresh.)

Another day I had to send some feet digitals so my agency could show the client, and is one.
From it I ended up booking the job modeling shoes for a health catalog.
I'll share the shots from the catalog when it comes out.

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