Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I see smiles in Vogue

He Girls,

These ads above caught my eye in Vogue, now these are ads, not editorials but Vogue has actually recently shown in their fashion editorials models smiling in recent years and although I am not giraffe tall I do always love the creativity and life seen in their editorials and story-telling, Creative Director Grace Coddington, is amazing!

I like the editorial called Chateau California in the current May issue with model Natalia Vodianova, which features actresses Hailee Steinfield, Chloe Moretz, and Elle Fanning. Vogue has been including these lifestyle-ish photo-stories within their fashion spreads and I really enjoy looking at them. I liked it when Natalia Vodianova was quoted saying about a recent film she stars in called Belle Di Seigneur, "Acting is an extension of what I do as a model because I never just pose, I always give a bit more."

So great and so true for aspiring models to follow!

As a petite model, your personality, the glow in your face, the light in your eyes, the life in your photos is something to include within your comp card and within your portfolio. Print modeling agencies like to see your personality and height has nothing to do with that!

Tomorrow, the 20th at noon EST, is the last day to submit to my "smiling modeling contest" to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff, submission details are here, remember, it doesn't take a certain amount of height and inches to show you have a marketable smile and personality.

Strive on with your smile! :)

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