Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Diane von Furstenberg's Journey of a Dress

Hey Girls,

This week's Favorite Little Thing is Pretty Big and Awesome!

As you can agree, there are certain dresses in your closet that you can always count on, and for me having a petite frame but a bit of a booty, a dress that is fitted and makes me look longer is a total dream. I do own this dream dress, and it is by Diane von Furstenberg.

I really enjoyed Diane talking about her life at an event at the  and she is an inspiring woman and I think it is cool she also has a comic book/graphic novel, like me.

Starting from 2 April to 14 May, the "Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress" exhibit at the Pace Gallery in Beijing can be seen, before she left for China and  the opening Diane sats for one of the greatest portraits of all time, by Chuck Close, and the legendary duo talk photography, plastic surgery, and getting real, in Harper's Bazaar.

Check out the article in the magazine.  :) Here are some quotes from the feature that caught my eye.

Photo taken by Chuck Close

“The show is called ‘Journey of a Dress’ because it turns out I have one dress that has lived for almost 40 years, and that’s pretty amazing,” says von Furstenberg. “So it’s four decades of my work, my life, and the people who photographed me and painted me and this and that. You see the decades, and you understand that they happened in a world that was so entirely different than China, so that’s why it’s interesting.” “I was a little bit intimidated because if Chuck photographs you, it’s very much like an X-ray, in the sense that there’s nothing to hide behind,” says the designer.

At 64, Diane von Furstenberg has never had any plastic surgery, has no plans to, and if anything takes pride in her lines: “I’ve always liked wrinkles,” she says. “When I was a young girl, I used to make lines on my face with my nails because I loved Jeanne Moreau. I always wanted to be older; I always added years to my life. For the longest time, if people thought I was older I would take it as a compliment.” Chuck Close: "For me, imperfections and wrinkles give you character. They’re the road map of your life. If you’ve laughed your whole life, you have laugh lines. If you’ve frowned your whole life, you have furrows on your brow. All the stuff that people want to hide is exactly what needs to be there for a portrait, as far as I’m concerned. I love the stuff that people hate, all stuff that people airbrush out or Photoshop out." For more from the interview, go to

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