Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elton John in the documentary The Union,"To go forward you have to go back to the beginning"

 a still from the documentary The Union.

Hey Girls,

"To go forward you have to go back to the beginning," that's what Elton John said in the awesome documentary The Union, directed Cameron Crowe. It screened last night at North Cove in Battery Park for the TriBeCa Film Festival opening night. 

The Union is a documentary about Elton John and remarkable Leon Russell and their love of music and creating an album together, hence the films title The Union, which was awesome. Check out their album: The Union here.

Afterward, Elton John did a little concert. He sang Tiny Dancer and I had the biggest smile on my face, I feel like Tiny Dancer is my song, even though I am not a dancer and I didn't marry a music man, I just find the song so beautiful and touching and fun to sing, then the crowd went wild when he sang Rocket Man, oh my gosh it was awesome, and he also sangd the song The Union which was cool, and then I  f**king cried a little in public as Elton John sang Your Never Too Old, I Guess That's Why They Call The Blues, and then he gave New York, Your Song! :)
It was a great experience and thank you Elton John for sitting in the cold with us and singing afterward, he had a nice white scarf on and his voice was so on!


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