Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating a Jewelry modeling shot. #1 Borrow the Jewelry

Hey Girls,

I wanted to share some tips on pulling jewelry and accessories for a photoshoot.

A photoshoot is always better if there are 3 things.

-A makeup artist.
-A product, accessories, something to model.
-A good location.

Of course a clothing stylist is nice, but I suggest focusing on these 3 things mentioned above.

I am currently holding a Jewelry modeling contest to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model.

Jewelry is an easy thing to pull from a boutique and get on loan some aspiring designers, just ask, expand your network of aspiring designers and you can ask you borrow and get on loan some great up and coming accessories.

#1 Tip for how to meet designers: Go hit up a craft fair, a young designer showcase,  I am sure there will be jewelry designers there. Also I am sure there is a boutique row in your town or the small biz section of a local newspaper, you might find aspiring brands featured that you could approach.

When approaching in person, bring a comp card, or headshot, be professional, tell the jewelry designer that you are an aspiring model and that you like their products.

Ask if they ever use models for their marketing, or mention that you would love to use their jewelry in one of your up coming photoshoots sometime and ask if they ever loan jewelry for photoshoots.

Be prepared to already have a photographer in mind, and make sure the photographer is professional and has a good reputation. Most aspiring brands won't want to work with an a matuer wanna be photographer without any skill. You will have more of a chance to borrow jewelry if you show that you are working with a professional photographer.

Share ideas you have a shoot with the designer as well.
Sometimes you might have to give a credit card incase something gets damaged or lost, etc. But it should be pretty easy to get some beautiful peices from a local designer for a photo shoot.

Offer to give the designer copies of the photos.
Welcome the aspiring designer to use to shots within their marketing material.

You could perhaps work out a rate to shoot the jewelry for them and create some marketing material for them, but keep in mind you are not a production company, unless that is what you are.

Borrow jewelry is not considered a "modeling job" but it is a job of a model to be more than just another cute girl, and networking and building your relationships could lead to actual modeling jobs. Also growing your network could lead to self-growth as a model and also you will gain experience modeling a product.

So when you borrow products, make sure to take care of them, work hard to create great shots that they'd like as well, pick a photographer wisely to shoot it. Have a plan for the shots. A goal for the shots that benefit your portfolio, and always keep it clean, classy, tasteful and professional, something that you wouldn't feel embarressed by when showing the aspiring designer afterward.  And treat the items you are borrowing with care.

Remember, by borrowing the jewelry you are also building your own network with aspiring brands which is great too, strive to keep a good reputation of being professional.

To call yourself a model, you need a product to model, and jewelry (and accessories) is something where height doesn't matter and it's something beautiful to use for your portfolio shots, which can later be used to create a comp card and mail to agencies.  Always create shots that represent the type of work you want to get.

And also, using jewelry from an aspiring brand or designer is an easy way to get something fresh, original, and eye-catching in the shot, for your portfolio and comp card. A jewelry shot can be a nice beauty shot as well.

Note-I also suggest to work with a photographer who is ambitious, the type of photographer who has a network already and could even perhaps get the shots seen in a magazine. It always helps to work with a photographer who is building their relationships and portfolio and tearsheets. You could discuss with the photographer how maybe there is a local magazines that might like a pretty editorial that involves you modeling jewelry from local designers. 

Well, first you'd have to shoot it, and then from the shots create 3-5 page photo story spread. Give the photostory a title. Credit everyone involved.

Here is an example of pulling jewelry for a photo shoot with Michael McCabe which was published in a local Miami magazine called Closer, and this was a beautiful shoot shot in the Florida  Keys.

You might ask: Why do this? Why put in the effort to get accessories, and approach designers?

Because bringing more to a photo shoot than some random jewelry that you have in your jewelry box allows you to work with aspiring brands, and get their name out there and yours. Also it gives your work a new sense of credit. Even if the shots don't end up in a magazine, or within the designer's marketing material/catalog, website, etc, you still have gained a sense of working with a product and this is valuable to your experience and pursuits as a model.

I believe in making it happen, building your network, and being passionate about striving,


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