Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The competitive and rejection driven life of a model

A girl on Facebook recently asked me if modeling castings are competitive, my reply might also inspire your own pursuits to keep hustlin'on! :)

My Reply:

Well, all castings tend to be different. Ex, the castings I like best go like this: sometimes if my agency says it is a' request casting' then by "request" it means the client has already reviewed models they want to see for the 'go-see'- through the agency's website or through the agent's submissions to the client, and then I know or assume that since it is a "request" that most likely there will be less models being seen at the actual casting. Maybe 10-20 or less. However last week I was number 34 at a request casting. If it's just a basic casting, then all the agencies are sending all the girls they think are best for the job to the casting, and in this case typically anywhere from 20-100+ girls could be seen. So I always think it is best to show up closer to the start of the casting then at the end of it, because...these are just my thoughts.... but I think earlier than later is best because afterward when the editor, casting director, photographer, or art director is reviewing the models photos, they might just look quickly at the first 20-30 girls and if they don't see what they want in those girls then they will continue reviewing the rest of the girls. These are just my theories, but I know time is money and usually for casting it is a quick process...not just the actual casting when your in and out thing, fast,-- but the job might cast Monday and be shooting that you go, give it your best, smile, thank you, and then keep hustling on. Sure, it's competitive, usually only 1 or 2 girls are being hired, so yes, competition is the life, but you can't take it personally if you don't get chosen for the job, rejection is a part the pursuit. :) Like a very short interview you are showing up to prove the client that you are the best for the job, and for modeling it involves how well you fit the main description of what that client is looking for-how well you fit the concept of the editorial, campaign, product ad, etc. But don't dwell on the competition, move on and keep hustlin it! Stay ambitious, if you don't get picked for a modeling job you want, think about like this: At least you showed up, you tried, you put it out there, you believed in yourself to get you where you are, and you showed up for the chance. ~Isobella

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