Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casting Confessions: This is what is inside my bag for a model casting

Hey Girls.

This is my bag. Remember last week on my podcast I chatted about how model's should have a BIG BAG?

I stuff it in!

Well, today the casting involved legs and feet.

Instead my bag you will find my portfolio and my model comp card's are tucked inside my portfolio as well, usually resting on the front page or in the pocket in the back of the portfolio.

I also have denim shorts, a gray t-shirt, and pink sandals. If the casting is for legs, even if it is cold, I want to be able to properly show them. When I arrive at the casting I usually ask: where is the bathroom? do you have a bathroom?  In the bathroom I will change into the shorts and sandals, also even if it is for "legs" I bring the t-shirt because on a cold day I still want to be able to show my full arm because as a body parts model, and at body part modeling castings, you never know what will be photographed and it's best to be prepared for anything and show your parts properly, ex: showing your hands while wearing a long leave shirt isn't as great as showing your hands while wearing a t-shirt because The Arm, is also often used in an ad, editorial, campaign, and it's best to show how great you arm looks too, and before I leave the bathroom I will quickly rub some lotion on my legs and comb my hair, and maybe curly my eye-lashes.

Especially in NYC when the wind beats the crap out of you, even in April, it's best to brush your hair and touch up yourself before you go and get in front of the casting camera.

Today although the casting was for legs and feet, my face was photographed and my face profile, (side angle) and hands were also shot. Good thing I was a prepared model, of course, and had a fresh manicure ready (keep in mind, most leg and feet jobs involve hands because if you look in most ads for accessories or beauty products or shoes, often they involve a hand as well. So get the manicure done too.)

Also you will see in my bag there is a journal and pen. Will add makeup bag and lotion and brush,  and phone charger depending on how many other errands I have to run during the day.

Always, I like to be prepared for anything,

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