Monday, April 25, 2011

And as petite your good skin can get you in the door with agencies and book you work

(at Pao! couple weeks ago during a celebration after a friend's wedding, my girl Jacquelyn gave me this Burberry dress which I love)

Hey Girls,

As always, I moisturize and tone and cleanse, and drinking a lot of water along with veggies or fruit does a big difference on how my face looks.

WATER. Drinking enough water does affect your face. I like to carry and re-fill the mini size water bottles in my bag.

VEGGIES AND FRUIT. Hello apple! I eat a lot of pasta and veggies. I try to eat a piece of fruit a day if possible.

Taking care of your skin is a model's job. It is not the makeup aritsts job to make your skin look clear, you should pay attention always to your face and skin. If you see or feel a zip coming, get to fixing it asap. Otherwise it will get worse. I put Clean and Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment, or I use a q-tip and dab a bit of Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent and I get rid of that would-be-pimple! Gotcha!

Also I use face-masks that bring moisture and also help to get dirt out of pores.

And as petite your good skin can get you in the door with agencies and help you book you work.

BTW, before castings and modeling jobs, something that my body loves is my at-home-coffee scrub, here is a video on how you can also make your own.

What do you do to keep a fresh and clean face? :)


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