Saturday, April 30, 2011

In modeling being booked for a job can be based on raw and natural photos.

Hey Girls,

One of my agencies recently asked me for some 'hand digitals', since I was being sent for consideration for a hand modeling job for a beauty brand, so I snapped some photos of my hands, as is, with my iPhone to the agency by email, which would be forwarded to the client. These days a lot of clients like to see raw photos. You as you.  Sometimes clients don't hold castings at all and just book the models from viewing the jpg raw digitals.

Every client, job, project is different.

As a 'parts model' sometimes my agency will say I need digitals ASAP, if they don't have a certain type of photo the client wants to see of you already on file. Sometimes I will just take the photo wherever I am, and other times I have saved on my phone digitals of my hands, feet, etc. And I email them the images usually 2-3. I will be in the middle of running and errand, writing, or whatever and then I'll be crafting the best photo I can, trying to get the right light while using my iPhone, and posing my foot, hand in a natural but pretty way. But hey, that's the behind the scenes of being a model on the go.

Anyways below are some digitals images I sent the agency to send to the client. :) kind of looks like a pen advertisement eh :)

(BTW, to submit to the agency for first time you need to make a comp card submission, but after you are working with agency sometimes you may be asked to send the agency last minute, as is, photos of yourself, because these days, especially with our photoshopped world, the client likes to see the model natural, raw, real, so sometimes you may be asked to send snapshots of yourself or 'parts' for certain jobs. Also I encourage you not to create overly dramatic photo with crazy hair and makeup, save that for the nights out with the girls, for modeling stick to natural and pretty and fresh.)

Another day I had to send some feet digitals so my agency could show the client, and is one.
From it I ended up booking the job modeling shoes for a health catalog.
I'll share the shots from the catalog when it comes out.

Models Walk This Way in ads and editorials in Vogue! (contest)

Hey Girls,

While flipping through the May issue of Vogue I noticed models in these ads and editorials were Walking This Way, hence my Walk This Way modeling photo contest going on right now. Here are the details to submit and some images below to be inspired:

Submit to win a signed copy of Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model and be featured on this blog.

To submit to the contest email me a photo/s of yourself in motion, on the go, as if it's for an ad for a lifestyle product (please send low res 72 dpi photo/s) to

Deadline: Tuesday, May 3rd! at 6 PM!

Even if you are not giraffe tall in print modeling being able to show some personality and movement while you model is a good thing. ~Isobella

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isobella's closet: EXPRESS size XXS and XS

In the EXPRESS dressing room in SoHo trying on a buttoned up navy shirt, which I like but the XS is actually kinda big.
They didn't have an XXS in store :(

This is what I wore today, Mango brown skirt, with tan H&M shirt, and navy Stewart Weitzman pumps, blue trench coat actually is from EXPRESS (old)

I ended up buying  in white and blue the STRETCH LACE-TRIMMED BRA CAMI  they had an XXS small in store but it had a stain on it, so I went with an XS and I think it will be fine, maybe it will shrink a little in the wash. I find Express's XS are kinda big. Although I tried on and I got this CRISSCROSS BRA TOP in XS in white and it was fitting okay so it's tough to judge sometimes. <---Even though this top is supposed to be Sporty, I am planning to wear it with pencil skirts and with jeans.  Online I searched for XXS and only two tops come up, but more come up under XS.

Petite pride!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Models Walking This Way in the April and May issues of Bazaar magazine

Hey Girls,

I saw some Models Walking This Way in the April and May issue of Bazaar magazine, check it out and get inspired for the Walk This Way Modeling contest to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, which shares on-the-job experiences I've had modeling with Marshall's, Macy's, Bon Appetit magazine, Teen Vogue, Easy Spirit and others, and also includes modeling tips for short chicks.

Bazaar magazine April issue (wish this model had more expression on her face, :( but still, hey, she is walking):
However for The Walk This Way Modeling Contest I'd rather see some smiles with your walk, than a sad dreary face like the model above.

Bazaar magazine May issue:

This expression here is full of energy.

To submit to The Walk This Way Modeling Contest submit a photo of yourself to in action, on the go, walking with personality in a commercial print modeling style, think catalogs and editorials. Bring your personality, smile and some accessories into it to help bring the shot to life, ex: a handbag, jewerly, cell phone, holding a coffee cup or water bottle.
As a model, on the job you will be working with products in often real-life situations, so getting used to the 'acting' that is involved with modeling is a good idea.

The contest ends Tuesday, May 3rd! at 6 PM!
Remember print modeling agencies like shots that show your personality.

Isobella Jade Quote: a constant work in progress

I am not full, I am not complete, I am not satisfied. I am learning about myself each day and it doesn’t stop just because I’ve stop growing in height and inches; age is just a number. I am still growing, and I love growing every single day. A chance to give, love, share and become all I am capable of being. Every day is a lucky day, to leave a mark, discover, and test the strength of the endurance inside. A constant work in progress I am :) ~Isobella Jade

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stopped by Apple store in SoHo today (pic)

Hey Girls,

Stopped by the Apple store today on Prince Street, a kind employee took this photo of me, and I actually stopped by just to use their bathrooms, hey, they are clean!

I am wearing a scarf I got it at Housing Works Tribeca, they have other awesome things online and it is for a good cause too:

Also wearing Levi's and H&M top, and bag is from Housing Works as well actually!


Petite Models, 'The Walk this Way Contest' starts now! Submit to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff!

Hey Girls,

This April I've done a jewelry contest, a smiling contest and now it is time for the Walk This Way contest to win a signed copy of my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model

Commercial print modeling often involves "acting" like you are really doing something, such as: laughing, walking down the street, walking your dog, talking on the phone, enjoying a soda or coffee, putting on some shoes. Study print ads for lifestyle products and you will notice the models are often 'doing something' and there is movement, or implies the-day-in-the-life type situations.

You don't have to be tall to show you have personality and also walk this way! Your height doesn't hold you back from working that smile and confidence and your personality.
And here some photos that inspire The Walk This Way contest!

I am wearing a District Cotton t-shirt.

To submit to the contest email me a photo/s of yourself in motion, on the go, as if it's for an ad for a lifestyle product (please send low res 72 dpi photo/s) to

Starts right now!

Ends Tuesday, May 3rd! at 6 PM!

Read an excerpt of Short Stuff here.
Strive on!~Isobella

Michael Antonio Pop-Up Store at the Newport Beach Film Festival!

Hey Girls,

Guess what! Michael Antonio shoes, is opening its first pop-up store at the Newport Beach Film Festival in the O.C. at the Lido Marina Village!  From April 28th to May 5th 

During the week Michael Antonio will be holding giveaways and decadent sweets.  Every day, new treats will satisfy you like complimentary nail polish changes, complimentary massages, and custom candy buffet.

Like them on Facebook here: 

Find Michael Antonio shoes on

I wish I could be there, check it out and let me know how it goes, I am sure it will be a good time,

Isobella Jade Quotes: DO the dream

A dream is great to have, but it is better to DO the dream :) Depending on how big your dream is, how much guts you have and how much time you invest measures the possibility for turning your wishful thinking and dreaming into a done, did it! :) It isn't always easy but strive to get that goal done and DO the dream.~ij

Petite Pride: Knee-high socks on a short!

Hey Girls,
blouse: H&M
Skirt: Burberry
Knee-Hi's: HUE
Red Shoes: Max Studio
Here I am trying out this high sock thing, I kinda like it :)

~ Isobella

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rock your Petite'ness, Wolford tights, G-Star dress, Report shoes

Shoes = Report

Tights Wolford

Dress G Star


And as petite your good skin can get you in the door with agencies and book you work

(at Pao! couple weeks ago during a celebration after a friend's wedding, my girl Jacquelyn gave me this Burberry dress which I love)

Hey Girls,

As always, I moisturize and tone and cleanse, and drinking a lot of water along with veggies or fruit does a big difference on how my face looks.

WATER. Drinking enough water does affect your face. I like to carry and re-fill the mini size water bottles in my bag.

VEGGIES AND FRUIT. Hello apple! I eat a lot of pasta and veggies. I try to eat a piece of fruit a day if possible.

Taking care of your skin is a model's job. It is not the makeup aritsts job to make your skin look clear, you should pay attention always to your face and skin. If you see or feel a zip coming, get to fixing it asap. Otherwise it will get worse. I put Clean and Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment, or I use a q-tip and dab a bit of Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent and I get rid of that would-be-pimple! Gotcha!

Also I use face-masks that bring moisture and also help to get dirt out of pores.

And as petite your good skin can get you in the door with agencies and help you book you work.

BTW, before castings and modeling jobs, something that my body loves is my at-home-coffee scrub, here is a video on how you can also make your own.

What do you do to keep a fresh and clean face? :)


Rock you Petite'sness. Wolford tights and Report Shoes

Shoes = Report

Tights Wolford

Dress G Star


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and I love LUSH

Happy Easter Girls, After brunch at the Nolita house, stopped by LUSH in SoHo in my Easter getup. Wore my colorful Betsey Johnson shoes, which I love. Also I am wearing the pink Ralph Lauren sweater vest I got at Shop Housing Works + Nylon magazine event last week.
I got the BB Seaweed face mask, and after you buy and save 5 black jars, you can get free face mask. ~Isobella

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The winner of the modeling smiling contest is Michelle!

Hey Girls,

The winner of the smiling modeling contest and a signed copy of 'Short Stuff' is Michelle,
who is 5'4" and lives in Baltimore and is originally from Chicago.

 I like how Michelle looks like she is loving life and enjoying the moment, her smile looks real, natural, not forced and that is what makes the shot appealing and marketable. I also like how her makeup and hair look clean and fresh and natural, in print modeling clean, natural and fresh are key.

Although there is only one winner this time, I received some great submissions for the modeling smiling contest and thanks for your submissions.

Remember, smiling shot is an important photo for a shorter model to have on her comp card and within her portfolio, for we might not have the height but like I always say, height isn't everything, and your personality, the energy and life in your smile and eyes can also make you marketable no matter your height. Print modeling and modeling products of all types for the commercial marketing world often involves having a friendly smile, showing your personality to the camera, having a sense of understanding how to naturally relate to products of all types, may it be dental floss or a handbag, print modeling also involves a bit of acting as well in front of the camera in a natural 'being yourself' at the same time way. Keep in mind the importance also because marketing professinals, art directors, magazine editors, casting directors are casting and booking models for their personality, and you can be booking for a modeling job based on simply being yourself in print modeling and showing your spunk and smile. So, what if you might not be giraffe tall, use what you do have and your smile can be big part of what gets you modeling opportunities as a print model so don't degrade the smile shot. Get the shots you need to strive and height will become a little thing to worry about. And remember it isn't about having a perfect smile or perfect teeth, it's about loving what you do have, who you are and showing that to the camera.

More contests are coming for my petite girls!

Strive on! Petite Pride!


What is a modeling tear sheet? Answered

A girl on Facebook recently sent me a message asking, "what is a tear sheet?"

My reply might also help your own pursuits as a model.

A tear sheet is physical prove of a modeling job in the form of a catalog, magazine, or print ad. The "tear" part means that you physically tear the resulting image out of the magazine or catalog.
Then the tearsheet goes from the catalog or magazine page to now inside your portfolio, so you are actually ripping it out of the magazine, catalog, etc.

Of course in this Internet age there could be an online catalog or online ad  or editorial as well, and I suggest all models have some basic computer skills for knowing how to "print screen" and then paste the image in Photoshop and make the image print size- which is 300 dpi, or by using the a the Windows Paint program paste the "print screen" image and adjust the sizing there. Your goal as a model is not just to be booking modeling work but to make sure you have the credit of your work.

So that you can put credible tearsheetst/credit on your compcard, or in your portfolio.

A tearhsheet is prove of the modeling job you did for a magazine editorial, marketing campaign, or catalog. Having tearsheets is important because it proves you are working with brands, magazines, and doing professional work and by having tearsheets it can lead to more credible work.

Here is more insight below on getting tear sheets, collecting your tear sheets and why they are important for aspiring model to gain.

Be on the look out for credit of your work because you need that tear sheet in your portfolio!:

More tips for collecting your work:

Why tear sheets matter for models:


 (this is from the Easy Spirit print catalog and I scanned in my scanner but the print edition is in my portfolio and when I made a comp card I brought the print edition to the comp card printing studio for them to scan and use on my card.)
(from the Easy Spirit website)

 (Since I couldn't take this poster home, I just took a photo, but I won't put this on my comp card, I would add it to my website, or send a jpeg of it to my agency to they could have it on file to show future clients perhaps, but the actual tearsheet from a catalog, online ad, product print is better to put on comp card or in portfolio. Like below)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elton John in the documentary The Union,"To go forward you have to go back to the beginning"

 a still from the documentary The Union.

Hey Girls,

"To go forward you have to go back to the beginning," that's what Elton John said in the awesome documentary The Union, directed Cameron Crowe. It screened last night at North Cove in Battery Park for the TriBeCa Film Festival opening night. 

The Union is a documentary about Elton John and remarkable Leon Russell and their love of music and creating an album together, hence the films title The Union, which was awesome. Check out their album: The Union here.

Afterward, Elton John did a little concert. He sang Tiny Dancer and I had the biggest smile on my face, I feel like Tiny Dancer is my song, even though I am not a dancer and I didn't marry a music man, I just find the song so beautiful and touching and fun to sing, then the crowd went wild when he sang Rocket Man, oh my gosh it was awesome, and he also sangd the song The Union which was cool, and then I  f**king cried a little in public as Elton John sang Your Never Too Old, I Guess That's Why They Call The Blues, and then he gave New York, Your Song! :)
It was a great experience and thank you Elton John for sitting in the cold with us and singing afterward, he had a nice white scarf on and his voice was so on!


most people who ever did anything amazing were scared and nervous at some time

If in your heart you want to do something and you feel that you should and that you would have regret if you don't, then you should try. If you are scared and nervous, it is normal, most people who ever did anything amazing were scared and nervous at some time, but they created their own course, they believed in themselves and kept going. :) ~ isobella jade

Why short models and aspiring models need to research to get ahead

A 15 year told girl on Facebook recently asked me, "I don't think I have a modelesque look. And my nose is huge :(:( one time a photographer told me I need plastic surgery. I was 14, and now I'm 15. Can I still model or should I just give up?

Hey Hun,

First, that photographer is an idiot! I would start to pursue print modeling but Googling! So, google Print modeling. Research all you can about it, and focus on how models are used in Advertisements, not just the fashion world, models of ALL types are in commercials and ads, and they get their headshots, comp cards and commercial photos together and they mail print modeling agencies and talent agencies and casting directors...most print models work non-exclusive and do a lot of the behind the scenes grunt work of creating the right photos, self-invest $ into their marketing materials, comp cards, etc. So I would research a lot about print modeling...and JUST SAY NO to PLASTIC SURGERY, that photographer is a loser and knows nothing about print modeling probably and the advertising world. You don't have to change yourself to work as a model, but you do need to recognize what is marketable about you as a model. That can involve some self- analyzing but modeling isn't just about the outward physical, it is about how well you can convay a story, personality, while working with and for a brand and product or magazine. A smile can tell a story, the way you carry yourself, the way you naturally work with a product, and simply in modeling just being what the marketer is looking for. Sometimes it is a certain type, other times another type, but in modeling to get opportunities it starts with knowing yourself. Knowing what is marketable and then translating that into your modeling photos. You should spend a great deal of time working on your photos. Not rush it.  You are preparing photos that will be your first impression and make you memorable to an agency or marketing professional at a casting, so be picky about the photos you take and prepare them carefully.

Research print modeling,  and research where models of all types are used, everything from babies to grandmothers. Sure there will be some very beautiful models, and then also notice that you don't have to be perfect to model, notice the attractive, every day looking people are ARE also in many, many ads, and they are not giraffe tall and they are the most perfect thing ever. But they are using their personality, their assets, to be apart of marketing a brand or product. Modeling is a lot about demographics. Do you fit that demographic of what the client is looking for? Are you a certain ethnicity, do you have a certain color of hair or eyes, do you have a nice smile and energy. Sure, in fashion often it comes down to fitting in the clothing, being a certain height, but not so much in print modeling. Sometimes I do however have to fit the size of something, ex: in shoe modeling I have to fit the shoe, which is a size 6 shoe.

Prepare your mind to think like a marketer: Think about it, who hires models for ads and commercials? Ad agencies, marketing companies, so I would study ads and editorials of ALL types from all types of sources, not just fashion magazines but observe where models of ALL types are used. Print models are used more than fashion models actually in ad campaigns, only a small percent of working models are fashion models, so I would spend time researching print modeling.

So, go on to Barnes and Noble or the book store and spend an afternoon looking at magazines of all types or the next time you watch a TV program pay attention to the commercials this time, who is in them, what they look like, what they are doing.  Study ad campaigns and magazine editorials that are not high fashion.

It will help you prepare the photos you need by noticing ads that involve the models smiling, and also involving a product.

You def need the right photos to pursue print modeling, the right professional photographer who understands what print modeling is and the right attitude.

And although a professional photographer that knows what print modeling is, will and should know what photos you need, however I would not rely on this, I would always approach a photographer with your ideas already set. Know what photos you need, know what will help your pursuits. Be prepared to invest time and self-invest.

You will need to research to print your comp cards ($100-$200) and you will need to find an art store to get a portfolio ( a good one is $100+)

Modeling does take some upfront money. NOT to the agency, but for yourself and goals.

I think the more prepared an aspiring model is, the less likely she is to take crap and get scammed, as I mentioned here earlier this week.

To work as a model, no matter your height, you have to be confident in yourself at the start of your interest in modeling, because modeling no matter what area of the modeling business, it is a "being what the client is looking for, " and "being what the ad campaign is needing." So you have to get used to rejection from the start. But I would pursue it with researching what print modeling is and I would focus on getting the right photos to market the best of you to the right agencies that work with models of all sizes.

I would get a notebook or journal, and start to preparing your research by writing down a few things:

Goals for this week
Goals for this month
Goals for this year

Set goals that are around your research and your actions to make the goal happen.

Example:  Week One.

Research what print modeling is.
Go to the book store and research models of all types.
Research modeling agencies in your area...hold onto this list it will be handy later when you start mailing out your modeling comp cards.

Week Two.
Start to plan the type of print modeling photos I need for my comp card.
Research professional photographers who shoot professional heads and have a professional photography business/career.

Week Three/Four/Five
Research where you can get a comp card printed and also research a professional printing studio in your area or use for printing prints for your soon-to-have portfolio.
Prepare how your makeup should be, what you should be wearing for the shoot.
Study more on the type of shots you need for your shoot and aim for 3-5 different shots that can market you well. Tips on creating photos are here.

Month One/Two:
Have a professional photo shoot set up.
Know where the printing studios are, where I plan to get a comp card made and buy a portfolio.

This is just an example but I hope you consider to keep a notebook to stay focused and organized.

I hope this helps! :) And remember you can get 10% your next order of comp cards at by mentioning Isobella Jade. But don't rush into making a comp card until you are sure your comp card is printing modeling ready! :) Goodluck!


P.s: Here are some tips on starting out as a model, striving as a model, and being self-made:

 Thanks for reading my books! I support the underdogs and dreamers!