Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winners of the Punk Your Chucks Custom Shoes contest!

 The Punk Your Chucks Custom Shoes contest!

This February I hosted a custom shoes contest for my readers to submit to win a pair of custom heels or vans/converse shoes by MAG at

The Winner for Custom Pumps is Shirletha!  I like the way she is showing personality in her facial expression and way she is posing her legs and the pumps is in a relaxed and pretty style. The blue dress is also cute. The image as a whole reminds me of a shoe ad for girls night out or date night.

The Winner for Custom Vans/Converse shoes is Ivette! I like how the shot has a relaxed attitude and she looks confident and blissful, and the photos is clean and fresh looking. What she is wearing is simple but it also fits well with the focus being the shoe.

Other submissions that caught my eye.



Thanks for your submissions, check out MAG's custom sneakers here, and there will be more contests to win my books and other awesome prizes in the future for my readers, stay tuned and alway aim high and strive on!


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