Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying on the AG Angelina jean and Levi's Curve ID and petite sizes

Hey Girls,

Yesterday I tried on the AG Angelina jean which was created for petite girls, it fit pretty well, and I do suggest you try the style, here are some pics:

Also I tried on the Curve ID jeans at Levi's too, I was measured for their Curve ID jeans, when I was measured, the guy was like "your a demi," but after I tried on 4 pairs of demi's I knew I wasn't a demi, -too much fabric under my butt- so I went with the "slight curve" Curve ID jeans and they are pretty damn cute, I bought em, and will also show them off to you later this week. :)

when it comes to my "curve" it's more than slight, so with the Curve ID jeans at Levi's, I suggest not counting on how you are measured, I was shocked I was even measured and I think it would be better if the store actually had a sign that said, "if your hips are this size and your waist is this size you are a ____ curve", because even though my butt is more than "slight" the "slight curve" style shows that I actually have a butt. Otherwise it was all baggy and not so pretty, ya know. :) I bought the Modern Slight Curve Skinny jeans, you can check out the styles here.

Did you know Levi's has petite sizes!?

I was especially happy when I went to the website and under Women, it says PETITE!

Rock on people who design for petite girls!


P.s. If Levi needs a petite model, call me or email me.

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