Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sign up for the Model Project with Bumble and Bumble free haircuts and styling.

Hey Girls,

A model's got to save a buck sometimes right! :) 

I suggest signing up with Bumble and Bumble's model project:

Also for many years I worked as a hair model with Wella, and got paid hundreds as a hair model for their classes and education events. Also I had worked with Xena's beauty company in NYC, and the first time I had my hair cut short was there, and they did an amazing job.

Sometimes hair modeling involves drastic changes to your other, other times it involves cuts and color that are more conversative, always know what you are walking into and confirm what changes will be made. If you recently made a comp card you should think twice before changing your hairstyle, while models do change their hair sometimes, when it comes to print modeing often, conversative, every-day, more simple hairstyles are best. Since for print modeling you are relating to a lifestyle consumer, not a high end fashion consumer.

I talk about some of my hair modeling experiences in my memoir Almost 5'4".

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