Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shorter models don't just mail photos to agencies, send great ones!

Before I started booking modeling jobs for shoe modeling, like this one for Easy Spirit seen in Macy's, I had to craft and prepare photos of my feet in shoes, sandals, etc. To show I could.

Hey Girls,
I remember when I printed out from my printer photos of myself and mailed them to fashion agencies. What a F-ing waste of a stamp that was!

It is better to get it right, take your time, do your research, know what you need to do, then waste your time and your energy.  Sometimes it is tough to discover what you need to do and I did make mistakes at the start, but I learned, I picked myself up and tried again, live and learn.

When you are thinking and planning to mail your comp card to agencies remember to only send the good stuff! And to do it in a professional way. With a comp card.

It is good to know ahead of time the type of agencies you should submit a comp card to, so research print modeling agencies and talent agencies, observe the type of photos the models have on their website and you can plan your own photos around what you observe.

Remember sometimes having a totally unique and photo with extreme attitude, makeup and styling, can actually be the wrong photo to send a print modeling agency. You do want to focus on sending "what the agency wants to see." So research what print modeling is and the photos you need for it.

I encourage you to spend time crafting your photos carefully, because the agency will not be the one that is crafting your dreams, it's you. The agency works with models that are already prepared, professional and who know how to model. Having the passion is not enough you have to also know how to do it.

The agency will send you on castings and they will try to book you for work, and  they are great to work with, but like I've shared in other posts, you are "working with" them, they are not "working 100% for you and your dream."  You are.

What holds a shorter model back that has great assets for modeling? It's her photos.
It is important to not ignore the importance of "what you show equals where you go."

Think about the modeling jobs you can realistically get, think about your assets and spend time crafting photos that match your goals and the type of jobs you want to get. If you don't show it in your photos the agency might not believe you can be booked for that type of work. So do your homework, invest the time, work hard at crafting your professional photos, and show in your images that you are ready and able and that despite your height you have assets that an agency can market and that a client would like to book.

Height isn't everything when you focus on everything else you do have,

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