Friday, March 4, 2011

Short Models should value their personality as a marketable asset

Hey Girls,

Modeling doesn't mean one thing anymore. It doesn't mean just a certain height or measurements, in fact as I have mentioned in previous posts and as you might notice while looking at print ads and commercials, models are all types. And the need for models these days stems from the advertising and marketing worlds for product ads and promotion and the publishing world/editorials in magazines.

And much more. That model on the packaging for the box your cell phone came in, the billboard for a local store, car dealership, family goods, or casino, is not always a giraffe tall model.  Notice the personality and personalities you see out there in ads and commercials.

A shorter girl might not have the height for the runway, but notice how personality really measures up to be a strong asset for an aspiring shorter model.

Your personality also can get you the job.

You need to be prepared with your professional photos. Some print modeling photos examples are here.
Your modeling compcard.
Your Portfolio.

But also you need to know how to use your personality to your advantage.  For model commercial print modeling castings personality is what matters. Your manners matter also. Saying "please" and "thank you" and "nice to meet you" are all great things to include in your audition. When attending a casting, being kind and courteous and interested in the project is also important. Stress your interest in the project, know about the brand, magazine, etc, and include your manners and personality within your casting.

Using your nice friendly smile (I didn't say perfect, I said "nice") is a good idea.  Put your smile to use. People don't like to hire a bitch. Be a kind and friendly professional model.

And notice where modeling are "using their personality" in print ads and in magazines. Go research, go look in magazines, watch some commercials.  Many ads and editorials, from lifestyle products for every day goods, to beauty editorials, and ads for accessories have used models smiling and commercials as well.

Short models should value their personality, it is what helps to make them models, and focus on what you DO have, focus on being the best you can be,


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