Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A question on collecting images from a magazine shoot and modeling job

A girl on Facebook recently asked me, "I had my 1st professional shoot yesterday for a hair magazine. I'm not sure when the issue will be printed or if the photographer is going to release the images to me?  Do you have any advice?

My reply might help your own modeling pursuits and collecting tearsheets from your modeling jobs.
Hey Hun, it's always best to ask/aka confirm while at the shoot when the issue will be out/ aka what month... and you could ask if you will receive any copies of the photos from the shoot or a copy of the magazine. Usually you won't though.

Usually the images are now property of the magazine and you will have to hunt for the magazine on newsstands/ or order one online to get a copy of the tearsheet. It's always helpful to find out what issue. Remember magazines and print ads can shoot months ahead of time. So I'd ask your agency, photographer, or basically do your best to confirm this info when you are at the shoot.  You want to always double check on when it will be out. Often you are hunting for your own proof and credit of your work. 

When you get the issue of the magazine, or see the print ad, you can rip out the page that you are in and place it in your portfolio. Like it sounds, "tear-sheet" you tear it out of the magazine, etc.

You want to make sure you have a portfolio.  I use Pratt portfolios. Which you can find at an art store. About $100 for a nice and professional one. A model also should have some Photoshop or technical skills because once you have the magazine you should scan it, and make it into a high resolution jpeg, whch is 300 DPI in size, (72 DPI is just web size and this is not good for printing,, the quality is fuzzy and not pretty. So for printing for your comp card you do need the image to be 300 DPI or you could bring the physical tearsheet from the magazine to the printing studio.

Agencies don't always help you with this stuff, so it is good stuff to know how to do yourself.
Also on the website of the magazine you might be able to copy and paste or "print screen" some of the images, but that doesn't mean it will print nicelyfor physical prints, so always be aware of the sizing you need for that. Again 300 DPI is best.  :) Above that image is from the EasySpirit website, and I printed the screen (it is an icon on your keyboard which copies an image on the screen or the screen shot) and then you paste into Photoshop on a new clean document file, and made it a web size resolution 72, ---and also a print size 300 DPI--- however I also ordered a couple catalogs from the website and got the tearsheets that way as well for my comp card printing and portfolio.  Proof of your work is so important, proof leads to other work, so you do want to ask questions before the job about collecting copies and when the issue or campaign or ad will be out.    I hope this helps.
Aim high and strive on!
P.s: More tips on collecting tearsheets after the job:

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