Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Podcast tomorrow at 11 AM EST Model Casting and Model Booking Tips

Tomorrow at 11 AM EST. On my podcast radio show, I will be chatting about the behind the scenes of model castings and model bookings for the segment called Model Casting and Model Booking Tips. Do you know what a "model booking is?" Do you know what it is to be "on hold “for a modeling job?" If you have booked modeling jobs before then you would, and if you haven't then you should learn about this stuff. Actually, in my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, I also share tips on how to get ahead as a shorter model, and there is a part called Model Dictionary, which shares some common terms in the modeling industry you should know.

I will share some behind the scenes details on model castings and bookings. Like all the crazy things that happen on the job and how to deal with them, let's not forget all the things I carry with me to castings and on the job to be prepared, and how modeling sometimes involves pain-(holding a pose is not always painless) and patience, many times at shoots you are waiting for long periods or having to think on your feet, know how to pose quickly, and please the goal for the shot, and how a positive attitude, a polite manner and a "we can do it!" makes everyone happy.

Here is the link for the segment and segment details
Model Casting and Model Booking Tips

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When: 3/17/2011

Time: 11 AM EST

Here is the scoop on the segment:
Model, author, blogger, advocate for the shorter model, Isobella Jade chats about what to expect at castings tips and do's and don’ts, how to best prepare to castings, and how be remembered during it.

She also shares tips on knowing your body and how to pose it naturally. And also she shares tips for what to expect on the job when you are booked for a modeling job. To check out Isobella's books visit and to read her blog offers free advice for the shorter-than-average model.

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Check out the book Almost 5'4" here.
Check out the book Short Stuff here.
Check out the book Model Life here.

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