Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Podcast today! Inside the Big Handbag of the Little Model

Last week Petite model, author Isobella Jade shared some insight on preparing for castings and modeling jobs, what happens at a casting and after one, what happens on the job and after a modeling job, and insight on what is inside the big handbag that models carry to castings and jobs. In this segment she shares more detail on what's inside the big handbag of the little model. Your handbag should be able to carry not just your portfolio but many items that help you be more prepared for the job and be the best you can be as a model. A model does more than shows up. A model does more than bring her portfolio and comp card and beauty products. A model carries her reputation and professionalism in her bag. She also shares insight on shopping for jeans as a shorter girl. To read more about Isobella's adventures as a model, check out her books at her website:
Tune into the segment today Inside the Big Handbag of the Little Model about the behind the scenes of working as a model.
When: 3/30/2011
Time:  2:00 PM EST

Do you have any baby wipes in your handbag? You should consider it.
Do you have your own manicure and pedicure tools? You should buy your own.
Tune in here for more insight on the little things that make a big difference on the job as a model,
~Isobella Jade

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